5 Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

Published On: October 12, 2018|Categories: Fixed Aluminum Awnings|

What’s been holding you back from purchasing an aluminum awning?

The potential associated maintenance work? The fear that it will not last through Ontario’s harsh winters? Or the concern that it will take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal?

Many of the worries homeowners have about awnings are simply not true! In fact, installing an aluminum awning is a wonderful improvement to your home. Here are the five most significant benefits of choosing an aluminum awning.


1. Aluminum Awnings are Low Maintenance

With the amount of yard work that you already do, it’s understandable that you do not want anything requiring more maintenance! The good news is that aluminum awnings require little to no maintenance, making them one of the lowest-maintenance awning options available.

Rainwater simply drains off the aluminum, making them much easier to clean than a fabric awning. If any dirt or grime accumulates, a hose can simply spray it off. Window maintenance is also reduced since awnings stop a lot of the weather elements from contacting with the glass.

The best part? Since they’re designed to be a permanent fixture on your home, aluminum awnings don’t need to be removed before winter. Although not necessary, any icicles that form along the awning’s edge can be carefully removed with an ice scraper.

2. Aluminum Awnings are Built to Last

Year after year, an aluminum awning will be able to withstand heavy wind, rain, snow and heat.

Aluminum awnings remain firmly in place – and intact – since they are screwed into beams and braces. Regardless of what the weather has in store, there’s no need to fear that an aluminum awning will tear!

3. Aluminum Awnings are Energy Efficient

Although washing machines, furnaces and windows are popular ways to save on energy, aluminum awnings provide energy efficiency, too!

Strategic placement of your aluminum awning will ensure that the sun’s heat is absorbed, thereby reducing your air conditioning costs. Their insulated layers help the area stay cool underneath the awning. In fact, areas, where aluminum awnings are located, can be 20 percent cooler than the rest of a home!

4. Aluminum Awnings Add to Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Available in various colours, styles, shapes and sizes, aluminum awnings provide an excellent opportunity to add to your home’s aesthetics.

Whether your home has a modern or more traditional style, there is an aluminum awning available that will blend in beautifully!

5. Aluminum Awnings are Affordable

The associated cost normally plays a huge factor in choosing to install an awning. Aluminum awnings are more affordably priced than metal awnings. Aluminum awnings provide an incredibly cost-savings measure for adding protection around your home. Plus, aluminum awnings are built to last many years!

Want to experience the benefits of an aluminum awning yourself? Contact Jans Awnings to speak to one of our awning experts today!

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