Turn Your Existing Patio or Deck into a Screened Room

Published On: July 11, 2023|Categories: Screened Rooms|

Having a deck or patio attached to your Ottawa home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is decent, but if you are looking for a great way to get even more use out of this space, you could turn that existing deck or patio into a screened room

Screened In Room

Screened in decks and patios are nothing new, but today they are easier than ever to incorporate into your outdoor space. One option is to purchase a kit from your local big box store, but keep in mind that an off-the-shelf model may not fit the dimensions of your deck or patio, and you could end up losing some of that space as a result. In our humble opinion, the better way to go is to work with an expert to find a customized solution that is exactly the right size that suits your home. 

At Jans Awnings & Rollshutters, we have helped many Ottawa homeowners make the most of their outdoor living area by converting their existing decks and patios into screened-in rooms. 

What are the benefits of adding a screened room? 

Adding a screened-in room to your Ottawa home has multiple benefits including: 

  • Enjoy your outdoor space more – while most of us enjoy spending time outside, we tend to be limited by the time of year, the weather, insects, and so on. A screened room dramatically increases the amount of time that you can comfortably spend outdoors by shielding you from beating sun, rain, and mosquitos. Just imagine enjoying your morning coffee while sitting in your screened room and not worrying about fighting with bugs! 
  • Increase the value of your home – once you have added a screened room to your home, you may never want to sell. But eventually, if the time to sell does come, having that room can be a great selling feature to potential buyers. 
  • Protect your belongings – although you will likely want to furnish your screened room with furniture suitable for outdoors, having a screened room means that you can leave more “indoor things” outside, and they will be protected. For example, if you have curled up with a book and a blanket, you could leave those items in your screened room and expect they will be well protected (unlike if you left them on your exposed deck or patio!). A screened room can quickly become an extension of your regular living space because of the protection it provides. 
  • Make your home more energy efficient – finally, a feature that many people might not think about when considering a screened room is that it can make your home more energy efficient. By sheltering your indoor space from the hot sun, it can help you cut back on how long you need to run the air conditioning during the summer months. 

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