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Looking for more liveable space at the cottage? If you don’t mind the long drive and the decreased amenities, but hate the bugs and inclement weather that cottage country can bring, consider an investment in the outdoor space of your cottage. Make your stay at the cottage a little more comfortable with an enclosure that suits your needs and helps keep the pests outside, where they belong.

Screened room at the cottage

Roll Shutters

Roll shutters a great addition to any deck, gazebo, pavilion or cottage. Roll shutters are made of aluminum and are retractable. They work well to keep the sun and rain from that outdoor party. They can be applied to the existing windows of the cottage, including a sunroom. Roll shutters are versatile in that you get to determine just how much sun is too much. Roll shutters are motorized for your convenience. The brilliance of roll shutters is that they are also a security feature that will make a great addition to the security repertoire of your cottage. Most cottage owners do not live at the cottage year-round. Having the extra security that roll shutters provide will give you extra comfort in knowing your home away from home is safe and sound.

Screened Rooms

A screened room increases your living space at the cottage. If you own a cottage, you most certainly have a love for the outdoors, Sometimes the outdoors can be uncomfortable. Bugs and excessive sun can put a damper on the gorgeous days spent at the cottage. Creating a screened room can help with this. Whether you have an existing roof structure such as a pavilion or gazebo or are looking to have one built, adding screens, will add to the protection and comfort this living space can provide. A screened room will keep the bugs out and protect from exposure to the sun while still allowing that beautiful breeze to come through.

Retractable Screens

The only thing better than the protection screens can provide is the protection retractable screens can give.  Retractable screens can provide a barrier to the outdoors while keeping your options open. Whether it be for your deck, patio, garage or spa area, retractable screens will add both comfort and versatility. A retractable screen will provide protection from the sun and the bugs. Privacy can also be enjoyed when retractable screens are used at the cottage. When they aren’t needed, they go away, giving you full exposure when desired.

Increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors while at the cottage is always the goal. A little investment in your outdoor space with screens or shutters can get the job done and keep you outside longer.

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Even with summertime now a thing of the past, you can still get enjoyment from your awning throughout the rest of the year!

retractable awning in winter

Blur the Boundaries between Inside and Outside

An awning is a great way to extend your home into the outdoors!

By providing some protection from weather elements, an awning allows homeowners to enjoy being outside, even when the temperature starts to drop.

Fixed Retractable Awnings: Making Fall and Winter More Enjoyable Outside!

Certain fixed retractable awnings are suitable for use all year round – even in inclement weather!

By being built with a four seasons vinyl cloth canvas, winter’s snow accumulation can even be accommodated with a fixed retractable awning! The pronounced slope allows the snow to easily slide off, and special wind tubes can accommodate snow accumulation.

Built to be really strong and able to endure extreme weather, a retractable awning can even help to keep your deck clear of snow.

Any snow that does build-up on the awning should be carefully removed from the outside. This helps ensure that your retractable awning will last for many years to come.

Keep Your Retractable Awning Fully Protected – Easily!

Not planning to use your awning for a while, or going away on vacation? Then easily retract it to keep it fully protected under its rigid aluminum cover hood.

Enjoying Your Awning during the Cooler Temperatures

With the many choices available – ranging from retractable and fixed awnings to external blinds, shutters, and umbrellas – staying protected from the elements is possible with your awning.

Roof liners are even available which help stop condensation from collecting on whatever’s stored underneath your awning!

Need a large place to work on your skis or snowboard this winter? Consider setting up your workbench underneath your awning to stay protected while getting winter projects completed!

Keeping Warm (Even in the Cold) Underneath Your Awning

Even when the temperatures truly start to drop, use of your awning doesn’t need to stop!

With patio heaters and spotlights available for use with awnings, you can continue to get your money’s worth out of your awning investment.

Entertain Easily All Year Long with an Awning

Consider installing some built-in seating underneath your awning so that you can entertain all year-round outside. Another option is to install a fireplace or firepit near your patio so that winter’s cold wind is kept at bay.

No longer does grilling need to stop when summer ends! An awning keeps you protected while cooking outdoors.

Frequently entertain with friends? Think about installing a built-in bench to store readily-accessible blankets and sweaters so that you can continue to comfortably entertain – even while outside!

Consult the Experts at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters

Enjoy your patio or deck throughout all four seasons this year. With the correct type of awning purchased, no longer will you use the season as an excuse for not using your outdoor space!

Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today for more information on awnings.

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Awnings offer homeowners both style and beauty while bringing valuable shade to your home, thus protecting your family from harmful UV rays as much as 94%. They extend the living space of your home so it’s like adding a low-cost room extension while also adding value to your home’s worth.



Awnings have proven to substantially lower air conditioning bills plus protect your furnishings and carpet from fading. There are numerous sleek, innovative designs at the touch of a button and they are known for their durability. The fabric used in most high quality awnings is manufactured by Sunbrella®. This material is recognized for its superior fade and stain resistance plus easy to clean and maintain.

Along with the many benefits of installing a residential awning that protects your living space from inclement weather, your awning will also contribute towards making your home more stylish by choosing an awning colour that blends with the exterior colour and décor of your home. By picking an awning colour that complements the usage of the covered area, you will add a touch of panache to the exterior.

Normally, both stationary and retractable patio awnings are available in almost all common colours, but each shade has its own meaning and significance. From a design perspective, the traditional stripe or solid colour is still the most popular design for adding that upbeat look to a home’s appearance. Here is a list of shades, their meaning and what you should consider in choosing an awning colour.

  • Red: If the exterior of home is painted with yellow, white or tan color, you can consider any shade of red awnings. Further, the combination of the right shade of blue exterior paint and red awnings can impress all your visitors, guests and neighbors. However, you have to think several times before choosing the red awnings if your exterior paint has green pigments.
  • Green: It is always important to determine the intensity of green according to the exterior paint. If the home exterior is painted in green, tan or any other natural colour, you can consider the moss green, deep green and grass green awnings. However, you must avoid choosing green awnings if your home exterior is painted in red or designed with red bricks.
  • Blue: The blue awnings are considered as the best choice for white homes. If your home is painted in natural colour, you can choose the sky, electric as well as deep blue awnings. However, you have to evaluate the shades of blue if the exterior colour has hints of orange.
  • Yellow: While choosing yellow awnings, you must keep in mind the amount of yellow present in your exterior paint. Normally, the awning colour complements homes painted in colours having different amounts of yellow. The yellow awning colour will also complement white home exteriors perfectly. Based on your home’ style, you can even opt for the mustard yellow awnings.
  • Brown: Many people opt for brown awnings due to their effectiveness in adding dimension to the home’s exterior. However, it’s important to create seamless transition between your home exterior colour and brown awnings. For instance, you can choose the deep brown awnings if your home’s exterior paint colour is light.
  • Orange: The orange awnings are the perfect choice for home exterior paints that have several variation of yellow, brown and tan paint. These awnings also go well with exterior paint colours with a hint of orange. However, you must check the combination of orange awnings and the colour of your home’s exterior paint thoroughly to decide the right aesthetic balance.

First Impression

The awning colour that you finally decide upon will present the first impression of your home to the neighborhood for years to come. It will add value to your home and enhance its curb appeal, so choose wisely and enjoy your new addition to your home’s beauty.

Check out some of our other blogs on awnings.

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Awnings can be a great addition to any home. Not only do they offer protection from rain and sun, but they can increase the amount of use that you get out of your outdoor space. Awnings are made to be functional but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful – and one of the main ways of ensuring their beauty is to make sure that they match your house.

Jans retractable Awning


Awning manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their awnings can look great on any home, producing them in a wide variety of awning fabrics and awning styles.

Choosing Your Awning Size

Whether you choose a stationary or retractable awning, you want to choose an awning size that is suitable for your home. On one hand, it is important that your awning is large enough to be functional, yet on the other hand, you don’t want it to be so large that it overpowers the rest of your home. Keep in mind when you measure for the depth of your awning, that the height will drop a bit the farther it extends from your home.

Awning Styles

When shopping for awnings, you will find that there are a number of different shapes and styles available. To achieve the best aesthetic appeal, you should consider the overall architecture of your home to determine which style of awning would look best.

Some common awning styles include straight edge, dome and waterfall. Even within these styles, there can also be subtle differences as well, so take your time. The style that looks best on one home might not be right for another.

Awning Colours and Patterns

Generally speaking, people tend to have the most fun when they are selecting patterns and colours for their awnings – but this can also be a stage where they can feel the most overwhelmed. Since there are so many patterns and colours to choose from, some homeowners may start to second-guess themselves.

Awning stripe fabric for example, offers a classic look but a solid neutral colour may feel safer.

Before you get overwhelmed with patterns consider the size of your awning and the design of your deck or patio. If you are choosing an awning stripe fabric, it is usually better to go with larger stripes for larger awnings and smaller stripes for smaller awnings.

Another way to select a pattern is to choose something that goes with the design of your deck or patio furniture. Choosing colours or patterns that go with the fabric on your patio furniture can help to produce a cohesive look.

Deciding on What Type Of Awning

Jans Awnings offers customers a wide choice of awnings.Check out all of our awning options below:

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Already common in coastal areas some European countries, rollshutters are becoming increasingly popular in Canada – especially in cities such as Ottawa where winter storms can be quite harsh. Essentially, rollshutters are aluminum covers or “curtains” which are mounted to the outside of a house or other building and cover the windows or glass doors. Check out some of our rollshutters.

Stormy rain clouds


They provide added protection and burglary as well as protection from the elements such as storms.

But how big a storm can rollshutters provide protection for? The answer is very big. In fact, these shutters can even provide effective protection in a hurricane. These shutters are typically made from high-quality roll-formed aluminum and contain a durable resin core.

Why is Window Protection so Important in a Storm?White Roll Shutters

If you live in an area that experiences harsh storms, protecting your windows is of utmost importance. If winds are powerful enough to damage a window, the interior of your home will be exposed to the elements as well.  Wind and water can cause extensive damage to both possessions as well as to the structure of the home itself.

In the case of a hurricane, wind can be strong enough to cause upward pressure which can comprise or even destroy the roof and walls.

Why are More Homeowners Choosing Rollshutters for Storm Protection?

Rollshutters are a popular choice for storm protection because they are quick and easy to use. The motorized version can open and shut and the touch of a button, but even the manual type is easy enough for anyone to use. This means that if a storm approaches quickly, there is no need to spend excessive time outside to ensure that the home is properly protected. And when a storm is not in the forecast, they can be retracted completely so they do not block any of the views from your window.

Professionally installed rollshutters are extremely sturdy and will protect a home from storms and flying debris. Check out the rollshutters that Jans Awnings has installed for other happy customers.

These shutters have also well tested and approved by building codes in some areas that most commonly experience some of the worst storms including Florida and Texas.

Other Benefits of Rollshutters

Roller shutters offer more than just storm protection. Because they cannot be moved from the outside, they also offer excellent protection again burglary and theft. When rolled down, they can even increase the energy efficiency of your home.

How will Roller Shutters Look on My Home?

Even though the main purpose of rollshutters is storm protection, we understand that aesthetics are very important to most homeowners. Not to worry! These shutters are custom fitted and installed to each window and glass door and made to compliment the home’s exterior. At any rate, they are certainly more attractive than plywood and other make-shift window protectors!

If you want the added protection that these shutters have to offer and are ready to invest in rollshutters for your own home or if you have additional questions, contact the professionals at Jans Awnings.

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How to Go About Choosing the Best Type of Awning For Your Home

An awning can be a great investment for your home. It works to essentially expand your living space to the outdoors, shading you from the hot summer sun and protecting you from light rain. If you’ve already started shopping around, you may have noticed that there are several types of awnings and may be wondering which ones are the most popular. If you’ve come to Jans Awnings’ Blogs, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to choose the best type of awning for your home.

red and white awning

Stationary vs. Retractable Awnings

While designs may vary, the first decision you will have to make is whether you want to have a stationary awning or a retractable one. Just like the names suggest a stationary or fixed awning is one that will remain in place for as long as it is installed.

A retractable awning, on the other hand, can be pulled in so that you can have the choice as to whether or not you want the added shade.

Both of these types of awnings have their advantages.

A fixed awning tends to be very sturdy and is often a better choice for smaller areas such as windows or door. It will, however, require more upkeep and once it is in place, it should not be moved.

A retractable awning is ideal for decks and patios and if you get really bad weather, it can be folded up and put away.

Awning Fabrics

Once you’ve decided on the type of awning you want, the next choice you’ll have is what kind of fabric you want. Most awning covers are either cotton or polyester.

Cotton is the traditional choice. It is durable, water resistant and machine washable. Polyester, on the other hand, can withstand weathering and blocks out UV rays. It is not machine washable but can be cleaned by wiping it down.

There are also two types of coatings that can be added to both cotton and polyester awning covers. A vinyl or laminate coating is both flame and water resistant however over time, it is likely to fade. An acrylic coating, on the other hand, will keep the colour looking vibrant but it is not flame and water resistant.

Awning Shapes

The next choice you’ll have to make is the awning shape or style. This choice will be entirely dependent on your personal tastes and what you think looks best with your home or business. The most common and in demand types of awning styles include sloped, crescent, waterfall and dome.

Additional Features

Just like cars, many awnings today come with additional options that can help having an awning fit better into your lifestyle. Below are a few of them:

  • Motorization – most people who choose retractable awnings today choose motorized awnings which makes them much easier to expand and pull back. These motors can be controlled either with a remote control or a wall switch.
  • Weather sensors – these sensors detect rain, sun and wind and will automatically expand or pull back your awning depending on the weather. This can help protect your awning in bad weather – especially if you are not home to pull it back yourself.
  • Weather guard covers – these covers are designed specifically for roof mounted awnings and serve to protect the fabric from fading and damage.

If you would like to learn more about awnings to help you decide the type of awning that is best for your home, contact Jans Awnings today. One of our experts will be happy to help.

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When it comes to window treatments, many people like to opt for roll shutters. These are versatile and complement the look of all types of décor and are suitable to commercial as well as residential settings. Not only are they easy to install & maintain, but they add to the aesthetics and value of your property as well. They look elegant and since they are compact in design, occupy very little space.

Energy saving roll shutters

Roll Shutter Energy Efficiency – How It Works

Window treatments such as these provide privacy and enhance the appearance of the indoor spaces in your home or commercial property. Aside from this, window treatments also shield the indoor spaces from the outdoor heat and light. Let’s take a look at how roll shutters add to the energy-efficiency of your home:

Filter Light

These shutters protect the indoor spaces from heat, light, cold and rain. They filter natural light that enters your home through the windows. Modern architecture makes use of a lot of glass and it’s common to see large glass windows and doors on home structures. While these features make the spaces look more expansive, they also bring in excessive light and heat.

When you have curtains on your windows, you have no option but to draw them completely when it’s very bright or hot outdoors. It also means you end up using more artificial lighting, which can drive up your energy bills. On the other hand, with energy efficient roll shutters, you can open or shut them to the degree you need and let in the amount of light you desire and cut down your usage of artificial lighting; this helps you save on utility bills.

Regulate Indoor Temperatures

In the colder months, these shutters keep the indoor heating from escaping out and they minimize the amount of cold air that enters a room. In the hotter months, the opposite holds true. This helps maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature as it insulates the indoors from climatic changes. It reduces the stress on your HVAC system, which in turn adds to the energy-efficiency of your home.

Opt for the Best Roll Shutter Energy Saver

Today, you will find a wide variety of roll shutters on the market, made with materials such as fabric, vinyl and wood and you can choose ones that match your décor, personal preferences and budget. If you want better energy-efficiency, opt for thicker fabrics and denser materials, as these offer better insulation from the outdoor temperatures. You can choose darker colors when you want more privacy and shade and lighter ones if you prefer that more light enter into the room.

You have the option to choose from manual or automated roll shutters. The latter are more convenient and can be operated via a wall switch or remote control. If you are looking for the best roll shutters across Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brantford, Milton, Grimsby, Ancaster or Brampton, contact Jans Awning Products. You can reach us at 905.335.3733 or via this online form and order your motorized awnings today.

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Is your outdoor space too hot to enjoy? Could you use a little more privacy? Does a light rain drive you indoors? You might be in the market for an affordable, attractive and functional solution like retractable shades.

Sitting in the Shade


Retractable shades can provide a stylish solution to all those outdoor nuisances. A great deck or patio that can’t be enjoyed during those too short summer month, is no good. With the protection that retractable shades provide, you will able to make the most of the season and find renewed joy in the outdoors.

The sun can be your best friend. If the sun on your deck is too hot and too sunny, it can also be your enemy. Anything that lays out in the hot sun throughout the day will heat up and in the case of your deck, can become too uncomfortable to even stand on. Retractable shades, attached to an awning or pergola will provide the kind of shelter that will ultimately lower the heat on your deck, making if a more pleasurable experience.

If privacy is a premium on your property, you’re going to love what retractable shades can do for you. A retractable shade on an existing shade structure will add privacy, just where you need it. They made a great solution for spa areas and high decks. Retractable shades can be made in just about any size and will blend nicely into your existing outdoor oasis.

A light rain is no excuse to pack it in when you have retractable shades. When the sun is shining, retractable screens will let in the sunshine but when the skies open up, they can provide just enough protection from the rain. Your barbecue will not be ruined when you have retractable shades. They can be a game changer. A light rain is no match for your retractable shades.

Retractable shades are versatile. Where no other solutions exist because of shape or location, a retractable shade will do the trick. They are great for balconies too. They come in an array of colours and pattern, providing something for every taste. These fabrics are resistant to fading and tough as nails, making them strong enough to withstand wind and rain and all that sun. They can be installed just about anywhere that traditional roof structures won’t work.

Retractable shades are a great addition to any outdoor space. Retractable Shades will open up your season, providing you more time outdoors. With the short warm season that Southern Ontario brings, anything that will keep you outside longer, enjoying the investment you’ve made in your backyard, is a good thing.

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We’ve only just come into the warmer season and if this summer is anything like the usual Ottawa summer, the heat will soon be upon us. Finding ways to enjoy the summer while keeping the stifling heat to a minimum is always a challenge.
two houses with rollshutters
Habitat screens can be a life saver. Here are 10 reasons why:

Protection From the Sun

Hard to believe that after a long cold winter, you will want to one day, somehow block that sun. Though the long- awaited sunshine will be refreshing, it can also be damaging and uncomfortable. Habitat screens can be positioned in that backyard sweet spot that always gets the strong afternoon sun.


Many screens that are used for shelter, are also retractable. This feature can change up the décor of any outdoor space while providing protection from the sun, and bugs when needed. These screens can be operated by remote.


Habitat screens are built with durability in mind. With the ability to withstand, rain wind and intense sunshine throughout the season, Habitat builds their screens to last. A great warranty backs this up.


Looking for a shelter and privacy solution that is also gorgeous. Habitat screens certainly fit the bill. These screens are stylish and can also be unique.  The skies the limit really when you decide on habitat screens for your outdoor space.


Looking to protect your family and friends from the heat of the summer and bugs that the season brings, while also providing a little privacy can make it hard to stay within your budget. Habitat screens can fit this budget when other solutions are out of reach.


Habitat screens can be installed just about anywhere. Whether it be the patio, deck or even garage.  Not only do they add style and protection to the outdoors, they are also popular for indoor spaces.

Bug Protection

Nothing will ruin a great barbecue like mosquitos. Habitat screens will keep the bugs out and the party going. You invest a lot in your outdoor space, make the most of it and stay out longer with habitat screens.

Energy Efficient

During the summer months, all that sunshine can heat up you, your loved ones and your home. Habitat screens will keep the sun and the subsequent heat off your house, lowering those electricity bills. Your air conditioner will thank you.


Want to improve the curb appeal of your home? Habitat screens will no doubt have the neighbors talking and will draw interest to your home should you choose to sell in the future.


Habitat screens provide privacy just where you want it. Whether it be around the spa, pool or even if you want a private horseshoe game, Habitat screens can be installed in just about any space.


If you’re interested in getting new screening for your home, check out retractable screening, phantom screening, retractable shades, & screened rooms.

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There are numerous ways that you can extend your restaurant or patio space while protecting your patrons from the outside elements during the spring and summer season.

free standing shade structure

Patio Covers

When it comes to sun or rain protection, there’s no doubt a restaurant patio cover can provide an excellent place for guests to sit when there’s no more indoor seating available. As the weather warms up and even in the winter in some milder climates, an outdoor patio can provide additional seating, increased revenue, and happier customers for a restaurant. Adding an Outdoor Patio Cover can be a great investment for a business because it can increase dining revenue by 30%.

Apart from the numerous pre-engineered shade structure and canopy designs, one of the main benefits of fabric shade structures is the variety of fabric and powder coat color options. This allows us a cost-effective opportunity to create a unique and attractive covered patio solution to tie-in and complement almost any existing color scheme. Secondly, the beauty of fabric is that it can be turned, twisted, and shaped into a unique architectural design which creates a landmark statement.

These shade structures are available in a variety of fabrics, including PVC, PTFE, and high-density polyethylene mesh. There are many fabric color options available, and most are pre-engineered for high winds and permanent outdoor use. Fabric shade structures will enhance and improve the look, architectural feel, and use of any outdoor restaurant space.

For not much more money than a typical awning, and assuming there is sufficient space available, a colorful attractive fabric shade structure at a restaurant entrance, walkway, or waiting area can add significant street visibility to an establishment.

Retractable Canopies

Provide a stylish and unique shade solution for your restaurant with a retractable canopy that allows for great dining both during the day and at night. These modular canopies ride on tracks and feature Sunbrella® commercial awning fabrics. Special, built-in wind release mechanism prevents damage.

Overhead canopy kits adapt to new or existing structures, or complete support structures are available in powder-coated aluminum or vinyl. No pitch is required with unsupported spans exceeding 20 feet and larger areas can be covered with additional support posts. Canopies are not only elegant; they provide style, comfort, safety and energy savings, too. They’re engineered to perfection to maximize space and comfort, day or night.


Awnings allow you to extend your usable outdoor space, help keep interiors cooler and retract fully into sleek cassettes when not needed. Awnings are crafted from the finest materials to last a lifetime and each offers an unmatched range of technically advanced fabrics and cassette colors. You can personalize your selection with drop-down valance, lighting, or wind sensors and each awning retracts fully into a stylish cassette for enhanced style and protection. Check out some Retractable Awnings here.

Free Standing Shade Systems

When you need the most flexibility for shade wherever and whenever needed, free standing shade systems are the perfect answer. They’re completely flexible, highly functional, safe and durable. Free-standing systems are ideal for restaurants and other hospitality venues to create profitable outdoor serving space.

Jans Awnings specializes in Awnings for residential or commercial use. Check out our previous work on Commercial Awnings and see what we can do for you.