Protect Your Storefront with Security Shutters 

Published On: June 18, 2020|Categories: Rollshutters|

Even though you take some precautions to protect your business, theft and vandalism and even damage from the elements can happen, and the clean-up can and repair cost can be pricey. If you could further protect your business from incidents like these, wouldn’t you? Security shutters are a great way to protect the storefront of your business from events outside of your control. Here’s why you need to consider adding security shutters to your Ottawa business. 

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Custom Fit to Your Space

Exterior shutters can be made to protect the windows, doors and even shelves and standalone cases inside your business. These shutters are custom built to fit the space you have, and they can be connected to any alarm system you already have in place. Whether you have a lot of storefront to cover, or just a little bit, you can design the shutters to give the exact amount of security coverage you need for your business. 

Keep a Professional Look 

You have worked diligently to ensure your storefront stays looking professional, clean and inviting to your customers. Some forms of security can make the store look like it’s an unsafe place to shop if you need that much, and that can damage the business you attract to your store. With security shutters, the roller garage doors allow you to maintain a very professional look while adding top-notch security to your storefront. 

Choose Your Style

Every business has its own brand and unique appearance, so why should the security protecting them be the same? With security shutters, you can select from a variety of style and colour options to match your Ottawa storefront. Some options allow you to see through them so that you have full view of the store while giving you top-notch protection. Regardless of the shutter style you choose, you won’t have to compromise on the security of your store or worry about your hard work being ruined by acts of theft or vandalism. 

Professional Installation

When you purchase security shutters for your retail storefront from Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, we will make sure they are installed properly. We know that making this purchase is a large investment in the future of your business, so we want to make sure it’s installed properly, and you get the maximum amount of security for your business. 

When you’ve worked for years to build your business in Ottawa, you want to make sure you protect your hard work and dedication. Small business owners don’t always have the benefit of big protection and security systems that larger corporations have, so they need to take extra precautions on their own. We want to help make sure your retail storefront stays beautiful and attracts customers o your business continues to grow. Let our security shutters protect your storefront when you can’t be there. 

To learn more about security shutters for your business, contact us today. 

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