The 5 Biggest Advantages of Roll Shutters

Published On: January 23, 2020|Categories: Rollshutters|

Roll shutters, also known as roller shutters and rolling shutters, are window and door coverings made of interlocking horizontal slats constructed from aluminum or steel. With their ability to open or close on demand, a roll shutter provides the ability to control the environment inside a building.

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Here are some of the biggest benefits of having roll shutters at your home or business in Ottawa.

Regulate Indoor Temperature

Save on heating and air conditioning costs by using your roll shutters for temporary temperature regulation. More energy efficient than curtains or blinds, roll shutters prevent heat from getting out and reduce the amount of cold air entering a space. Their polyurethane injected filling offers effective insulation against temperature changes.

By easily opening or closing your shutters, fresh air can circulate throughout your home whenever desired.

Enhanced Security

Many roll shutters use guide rails so that screws are not visible when the shutter is in the closed position. From the outside, this makes the roll shutters very difficult to open. Combined with their tight fit around a door or window, roll shutters cannot be pulled away easily.

Not only do roll shutters hide your valuables from sight, but they act as a visual deterrent from potential intruders. Your home would be too time and labour intensive to burglarize!

For added peace of mind during an extended absence from your home or business, lower your roll shutters completely.

Increased Privacy

Roll shutters provide you with complete control over the amount of privacy you desire for your family. Live in a secluded area or in a busy neighbourhood where you want to protect yourself from outsiders peeking into your home? With their ease of use, roll shutters can be stopped at any point to allow full, partial or no light in at all – the decision is entirely up to you!

Weather Protection

Feel more secure during heavy windstorms, hail or rain. Roll shutters can deflect branches and other debris from damaging your window panes. Year-round, roll shutters can prevent the glass from breaking and other damage from occurring, extending the lifetime of your windows and doors.

Built and tested to withstand high winds, roll shutters are manufactured and installed with Ottawa weather in mind.

Noise Reduction

Especially important for shift workers and migraine sufferers, roll shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 50%. The noise created from busy road traffic, neighbourhood pets and children’s activities are prevented from entering your home, leading to a more positive sleep environment. Even during an intense storm outside, roll shutters do not rattle.

Have a home theatre? Roll shutters can help create a complete blackout situation, better for enjoying movies!

Are you interested in hearing more about installing roll shutters at your home or business in Ottawa or the surrounding areas? Contact our showroom today.

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