How Big a Storm Can RollShutters Protect Your Home From?

Published On: September 20, 2017|Categories: Rollshutters|

Already common in coastal areas some European countries, rollshutters are becoming increasingly popular in Canada – especially in cities such as Ottawa where winter storms can be quite harsh. Essentially, rollshutters are aluminum covers or “curtains” which are mounted to the outside of a house or other building and cover the windows or glass doors. Check out some of our rollshutters.

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They provide added protection and burglary as well as protection from the elements such as storms.

But how big a storm can rollshutters provide protection for? The answer is very big. In fact, these shutters can even provide effective protection in a hurricane. These shutters are typically made from high-quality roll-formed aluminum and contain a durable resin core.

Why is Window Protection so Important in a Storm?White Roll Shutters

If you live in an area that experiences harsh storms, protecting your windows is of utmost importance. If winds are powerful enough to damage a window, the interior of your home will be exposed to the elements as well.  Wind and water can cause extensive damage to both possessions as well as to the structure of the home itself.

In the case of a hurricane, wind can be strong enough to cause upward pressure which can comprise or even destroy the roof and walls.

Why are More Homeowners Choosing Rollshutters for Storm Protection?

Rollshutters are a popular choice for storm protection because they are quick and easy to use. The motorized version can open and shut and the touch of a button, but even the manual type is easy enough for anyone to use. This means that if a storm approaches quickly, there is no need to spend excessive time outside to ensure that the home is properly protected. And when a storm is not in the forecast, they can be retracted completely so they do not block any of the views from your window.

Professionally installed rollshutters are extremely sturdy and will protect a home from storms and flying debris. Check out the rollshutters that Jans Awnings has installed for other happy customers.

These shutters have also well tested and approved by building codes in some areas that most commonly experience some of the worst storms including Florida and Texas.

Other Benefits of Rollshutters

Roller shutters offer more than just storm protection. Because they cannot be moved from the outside, they also offer excellent protection again burglary and theft. When rolled down, they can even increase the energy efficiency of your home.

How will Roller Shutters Look on My Home?

Even though the main purpose of rollshutters is storm protection, we understand that aesthetics are very important to most homeowners. Not to worry! These shutters are custom fitted and installed to each window and glass door and made to compliment the home’s exterior. At any rate, they are certainly more attractive than plywood and other make-shift window protectors!

If you want the added protection that these shutters have to offer and are ready to invest in rollshutters for your own home or if you have additional questions, contact the professionals at Jans Awnings.

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