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Awnings provide protection from inclement weather and make your commercial and residential space usable throughout the year. In the past, this was the main reason for using awnings. But now awnings are available in a variety of designs, colours and patterns.

Needless to say, many people now use awnings to enhance the visual appeal of their homes and offices. If you are using awnings for aesthetic purposes, it is important that you consult an expert. They will help you find awnings that complement the exterior of your commercial or residential property. Even if you are using awnings for protection from inclement weather, there is no harm is choosing a design that complements your building.

Awnings are versatile items. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of your property, awnings can reduce your cooling bills. They will prevent sunlight from entering your home and warming it up. By reducing heat gain through the windows, awnings will keep your home comfortably cool during the summer months. This will reduce your cooling costs. Awnings also ensure that your property remains usable throughout the year. Got a patio or a deck? By simply installing awnings over your patio, you can use it during the hot summer months as well.

Colours or striped

When it comes to awnings you have basically two choices – colours and stripes. Both have their own advantages and it is impossible to say that colours are better than stripes or vice-versa. It is basically a matter of architectural considerations and personal preferences. In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both designs.


The style of the building should be the first thing you need to consider before choosing coloured or striped awnings. The position where the awning is going to be installed is also important. You should also determine whether the awnings are used to decorate your house façade and make it more colorful.


Stripes have a timeless feel to them. If you have a colonial or cottage style home, striped awnings are your best bet. Stripes also work well with modern homes provided that you choose colours that have elegant contrast. Stripes are also used in edging-scalloped valances. While choosing striped awnings, it is important that you select patterns that are proportionate to the size of your building. If you have a small ranch-style home, wide-striped awnings are not the best choice. Small stripes, on the other hand, don’t look great on a large expanse of fabric.


Coloured awnings can easily enhance the architectural beauty of a business premise or home. Traditional colours like navy, forest green and neutrals work incredibly well with buildings that have traditional architecture. Salmon, terra-cotta and beige solids are ideal for stucco-sided buildings. If your home has architectural elements with multiple angles or rooflines, solid colours will work well with them. If you are installing awnings on a modern house, you should opt for a fabric awning in solid colours. Choose a simple design.

At Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, our experts are happy to assist you in choosing the right kind of awnings for your business or private property.

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Retractable shades are perfect for outdoor areas that can be enjoyed with or without overhead covering depending on weather conditions. While keeping an outdoors feel, retractable shades can provide excellent protection from the sun, wind or light rain with the push of a button.

Retractable shades over back patio

When Should I Consider Retractable Shades?

Retractable shades are perfect to install over an existing deck or patio because no walls are required. Retractable shades can work off of an existing structure or over free standing outdoor living spaces. If you have a large or oddly-shaped area, retractable shades are an excellent solution because they can be built to cover almost any shape and up to 600 sq. feet. Some spaces may require you to combine multiple canopies which allows for further versatility. Many design options are available when picking a fabric for your retractable shade. There is a colour to match any existing outdoor design and all fabrics are guaranteed not to fade.

If your outdoor living space is located on a side of your home that receives a lot of sunlight at one time during the day and is shaded at other times, the versatility of retractable shades are perfect to accommodate comfort no matter what time of day the space is being used.

Retractable shades are fairly low maintenance. To increase the lifespan of your shade fabric, it is beneficial to clean the shades a couple of times a year to avoid any buildup of outdoor material. If you are in an area with a lot of trees this is especially important, particularly if you have pine trees shedding their needles onto your retractable shade. This will also stop animals such as birds from creating a home and nesting in your shade.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Retractable shades are most valuable because of their versatility. They can be installed almost anywhere and provide as much or as little protection as you would like. However, if your outdoor living space is in an area that consistently experiences extreme weather conditions, a retractable shade may not be as durable as you would like, and the versatility may not be as valuable for your needs. If you are looking for something more static, aluminum awnings are another option to consider if your space is located off of an exterior wall of your home. Aluminum awnings last for decades always looking new and require very little maintenance. However, they do not provide the luxury of a retractable shade.

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Awnings are a great way to create shaded areas for spending time outdoors with controlled sun exposure. Awnings can come in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your outdoor living space, but awnings can also help with climate control inside your home. Using an awning to protect your air conditioning unit can help it run most efficiently and effectively in your home.

burlington sunrise



Awnings can be helpful in the summer time to allow your air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible. However, an awning is only effective under certain conditions. If your summer climate can reach extremely hot, dry temperatures, an awning is most effective to shield the air conditioner from the sun’s heat. Your air conditioner will be able to create cool air more easily if it is not being heated by the sun. An awning’s effectiveness is also determined by the placement of your air conditioner. Certain sides of your home will get more sun exposure, and others will remain shaded for most of the day. An awning is most useful when your air conditioner is on a sunny side of your house. However, if you have other objects such as trees or bushes casting a shadow over your air conditioner already, an awning may not be necessary.

Other barriers to the sunlight can be problematic if they completely enclose the unit. Air conditioners need access to air flow as unrestricted as possible and the ability to properly ventilate. Some people prefer to build entire structures that sit over their air conditioner but if the proper ventilation requirements are not met, your air conditioner may become less efficient and more likely to have mechanical problems.

Putting an awning over your air conditioner is just one way to keep your home cooler in the summer. Awnings over large windows that receive a lot of sun exposure can also help keep your house cool, by controlling the amount of sunlight shining directly into the home. An estimated 65 percent of solar heat gain is removed on windows with southern exposure, and 77 percent of solar heat gain is removed on windows with western exposure when awnings are properly installed. This helps minimize the wear and tear on your air conditioning unit, helping to increase the life span of your unit.

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Adding more square feet to your home

Creating an outdoor living space can add value to your home and improve your quality of life.  Having a nicely maintained outdoor space encourages families to spend more time outdoors, away from computers and television. When trying to decide what type of outdoor living space is best suited for your home, there are many options to consider.


Front Porch Awning


A deck is a surface capable of supporting weight constructed out of treated timber, composite lumber, aluminum or other hardwoods that acts as an outdoor floor most commonly found in backyards attached to the home.  In recent years, architects have discovered that recycled materials can be transformed into durable deck material, and many decks can now be environmentally friendly.  Decks are strong enough to support the weight of furniture, barbeques, storage units and lots of people.  They are an excellent option if your backyard has uneven ground or lacks a comfortable ground covering. Decks can come in multiple storeys and sizes.  It is easy to construct a custom deck to suit your needs- so if your back yard is in need of an inviting upgrade, a deck may be the answer for you.


A balcony is a platform that projects from the exterior wall of a building, usually supported by the story below, columns or beams, and can come either covered or uncovered with the use of an awning.  The most common balcony is the traditional Maltese balcony that protrudes from the wall.  The Juliet balcony is a full length window that has a metal barrier crossing it with only a very small area to step outside.  While many balconies provide just a small space giving home owners the opportunity to get some fresh air from the second floor of their home, some balconies can become a great space for entertaining or enjoying a meal.  Although balconies are a more complicated addition to your home than a deck, balconies are often added as an addition to a home to create more space and add opportunity for home dwellers to spend time outdoors.  They are a great value-add for a homeowner, and can definitely add personality and character to any house.


A porch is a construction attached to the external walls of a home and can come in all shapes and sizes.  Most porches are found before the entry way into a home.  Like balconies, there are a variety of porch styles.  One of the most common is the verandah, which is usually quite large, some even wrapping around the entire home. Porches can be open entirely to the outdoors, partially enclosed by latticework, or fully enclosed by windows or screens. Many porches will have seating areas for people to entertain or spend time outdoors, but they are less often used over meal times and do not often house outdoor appliances.

Awnings and Outdoor Living Spaces

Jans Awningns near Ottawa can add awnings to any deck, balcony, or porch.  Awnings help keep you cool in the summer, and helps protect you from nasty UV rays.  Jans Awnings can put an awning over your porch, balcony, deck or veranda.  There are many styles of awnings to choose from, such as retractable awnings and aluminum awnings.

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You can find architectural awnings all over New York City. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Let us take a look at some of the most famous awnings in the world.


New York City’s famous theatre district easily rivals Times Square with its bright mile-high signs erected to promote the shows. For some, this visual cacophony is eye candy; others may find it eye-crossing. There are plenty of non-theatre businesses at street level. How will they compete with these tall signs crying for attention? Well, they have their own unique business awnings to ensure that they get the attention they deserve. Sbarro uses simple yet attention-grabbing awnings to make excellent use of their hugely popular corner space. In spite of having these tall signs, the theatres also have to make themselves visible. And they should be able to welcome lots of people at once. They address these requirements with lots of street-level awnings which also serve as a marquee. These awnings protect crowds from inclement weather. You don’t need tall neon signs to promote your business. If you use awnings properly, they will do this job better.


Macys Awning

Several decades ago, the Macy’s store had lots of retractable awnings and a huge canopy at the entrance. They provided shade where it was necessary. However, they looked rather messy and didn’t do anything to enhance the exterior of the building. Macy’s awnings have had several incarnations over the years and now they not only look elegant but also lend a distinctive appearance to the store. The store is expected to wear its newest look towards the end of 2015. Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundgren feels that Herald Square is the biggest symbol of their brand. He said that although they are trying to create a modern shopping experience for their customers at Herald Square, they will preserve the integrity of this historical building. They will blend contemporary design and modern technology with Macy’s architectural legacy to make the project special.

Lord & Taylor

Macy’s Herald Square store may be the largest department store in the US. Lord & Taylor isn’t that big. They have a relatively smaller footprint. The store’s awnings sport uniform stripes in white and gray. They mirror the squared metal work on the upper story windows and the façade. And by using different awnings for the windows and the doorway, Lord & Taylor has augmented that vertical look.

The Cannibal

The Cannibal is located on East 29th Street. It is a café plus beer retail shop during the day. At night, it transforms itself into a charcuterie where small menu items are served. The store front is narrow but has a unique awning that sets it apart from other stores in its vicinity. The deep red colour of the awning goes well with the brick façade of the building. It also contrasts with the gray-blue doorway trim.

Shops at the Plaza Hotel

The Plaza is a name synonymous with sophistication. That sophistication also extends to their shops. The entrance and the display windows are unified by a beautiful wrought iron awning in a single run. The awning has a skirt in black with gold lettering and logos. The hotel’s name is also imprinted on the sides of the skirt.

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More and more Canadians now own country homes and cottages. They are the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are looking for ideas to spruce up your cottage or backyard space, you should definitely consider visiting the Cottage and Backyard show. It will be held in Ottawa between April 10 and 12.

At the Cottage and Backyard show you will find everything you need for your outdoors, country homes and cottages. Vendors exhibit boats, docks, decks, kayaks, canoes, awnings, and outdoor furniture. You will also find the latest cottage and backyard products. In addition, you will get to interact with contractors, landscapers and designers.

Cottage & Backyard Show

Who is Behind the Show?

The Cottage and Backyard show is organized by Caneast Shows Inc. They have been organizing high profile consumer shows in Ottawa for over 25 years serving the Western Québec and the Eastern Ontario regions. Their team has over 100 years of combined experience in managing trade and consumer shows. They are efficient and knowledgeable and always ready to help. As a result, exhibiting companies benefit greatly. They can not only sell their products but also get personalized support.

The Cottage and Backyard Show Venue

The Cottage and Backyard Show will take place at the EY Centre. It is at 4899 Uplands Dr., Ottawa.

Tickets and Parking

You can buy tickets online. They are also available at the door. Children under 18 can get in free.
Visitors who would like to return to the show should get a readmission pass by visiting Guest Services. This way, they will not have to pay again. However, it should be noted that the readmission pass will only waive admission fees. They will still have to pay for parking during their subsequent visits. The organizers provide paid parking. Even handicapped people can access the EY Centre. They don’t offer a refund on tickets.
At the Cottage and Backyard show, you can find everything you need for buying, renovating, building and maintaining country homes, cottages and backyard spaces. If you are looking for inspiration for your cottage or outdoor living space, the show guide will be able to help you find what you want.

Visit our Stand Booth at the Show

Jans Awnings will be exhibiting our wide range of awnings, rollshutters and retractable screens at the Cottage and Backyard Show. Don’t forget to visit our stand booth during your trip to the show. We are a leading provider of quality awnings in Ottawa. We serve both families and businesses.

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Yes, you do if you want to lower your cooling costs and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property.

There are several reasons to use awnings. Energy savings are definitely one among them. Improved curb appeal is another benefit of using awnings.

Retractable Awning

How awnings help you save energy

On a hot summer day, heat gain through glass windows is responsible for about 20 percent of the load on your air conditioning system. A fabric awing will reduce heat gain by 55 – 65% on south facing windows and 72 – 77% on west facing windows.

Expand your living space

A fixed awning expands your living space. It creates an outdoor living room where you can entertain guests or relax with your family. An awning provides protection from weather elements like the sun and the rain.

Fabric awnings installed over your deck and patio make them usable in all weather conditions. They shade your windows and decks and create an environment where you can enjoy the outdoors while avoiding exposure to heat, sun and ultraviolet rays.

Improved curb appeal

Awnings are a cost effective way to improve the curb appeal of your property. Install them over your windows and doorways. They will instantly change the look of your property. Improved curb appeal increases the value of your home and creates a good first impression. Window awnings are affordable and quickly enhance the exterior of your property. They add a splash of colour to your windows and also make your home more attractive. Colourful fabric awnings create a warm and welcoming mood that attracts visitors. They not only brighten the exterior of your property but also provide valuable cooling assistance.

Since awnings are available in a variety of styles, colours and textures, you will have no difficulty finding one that suits your home, budget and lifestyle. Awnings are an affordable accessory that will also enhance the appearance of a beautiful yard. They help to reduce cooling costs and also provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and inclement weather.

Advantages of using awnings

  • Awnings help you to save money by reducing your energy consumption.
  • Awnings allow you to expand your living space without having to shell out a lot of money on additions.
  • Awnings allow you to create an outdoor living room with colours, shape and dimension that fits your home’s décor.
  • Awnings allow you to control the amount of sunshine you receive. During the hot summer months, they prevent excessive sunlight from entering your space and heating it up. During the cold winter months, when you want more sunlight to enter your home, you only have to take them down. Rolling them out again in spring or summer is not difficult.

Heat gain through the windows is the main reason why people need air conditioners. Since awnings block sunlight, they reduce heat gain to a great extent. If you have lots of south-facing and west-facing windows, you should definitely consider installing awnings to reduce your cooling costs.

In some climates, you will be able to reduce your cooling costs by up to 25 percent just by using awnings.

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In today’s corporate world, branding is everything. Your company logo, the products or services you provide and your reputation in the market are the factors that can make your company stand out from the competition. It’s important that all these factors be in place, but branding is all about strengthening your corporate image in the minds of clients, customers and the general public.

Commercial awnings providing protection from the elements on street corner

The Perfect Marketing Tool

Many businesses use awnings on their office buildings and it is recognized as an effective marketing tool even for large corporations. The fact is that corporate awnings are very versatile in the number of benefits they provide and can be used to complement the signage and the structure of your corporate building. Take a look at the benefits:

  • Creating an Impression – Awnings give a very complete look to the exterior of your corporate building and is a great way of adding a special touch to the facade. Just as an awning provides shade and protection from the weather, it is the perfect marketing tool to impress your brand upon the minds of onlookers.

Small business enterprises use awnings outside their store entrances and doors. Similarly, companies can also use awnings with their corporate colours and branding on the exterior of their buildings

  • Creating Landmarks – Some corporates occupy historic landmark buildings and custom awnings can be added to enhance the aesthetics of the exterior. But a number of modern day buildings in cities are structured very similarly. The one way to make your corporate building stand out from its surroundings is to have unique corporate awnings installed to create a landmark exterior
  • Carrying the Branding Through – Making your business look smart is a lot about maintaining branding. You can also use similar awnings to protect parking areas and side entrances to your corporate building. It adds a cohesive look to your property and provides weather protection too

Awning Permits

If you are installing an awning on any corporate building in Ottawa, you will have to obtain a building permit for it. There are certain norms that will have to be followed, with reference to the materials and the actual installation.  These rules can be changed at anytime, so always ensure you contact your Municipality or a professional Awning company to ensure you are obeying the rules.

  • Materials have to be securely fastened to the retractable/demountable frame
  • The awning material should be fabricated and finished to properly fit its supporting structure. There should be no loose/unsecured edges
  • Colours and materials should coordinate with all the surrounding structures as well as the streetscape elements. Typically, they should contribute to the overall design theme of that street.
  • The awning/s should not extend right into public sidewalk that is adjacent to any patio
  • The awning/s should be attached to the corporate building just below the signage that identifies the company. It should have a minimum height of 7 ft
  • Lighting and other attachments to the awning/s should be integrated and securely fixed to its supporting structure.

For the best corporate awnings in Ottawa, contact Jans Awnings at 613-832-2345 or through this online form.


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Winters across Canada can be very extreme and homeowners everywhere start getting their homes ready for the cold months ahead. Heating systems will be checked and window insulation will be strengthened. If you have awnings in your home, it is a good idea to winterize them before dismantling and putting them away.

House Awning

This will protect the fabric from any damage caused by the colder temperatures, snow, ice and windstorms. As long as you take care to winterize the awnings well, they will look fresh and be “use-ready” once spring arrives. Always check with whomever installed your awnings to see what the best course of action is first. Awnings vary and differ in quality, here however, are some broad and general steps for winterizing your awnings.

The Steps to Follow to Winterize your Awnings

Here are the steps you should follow with fabric awnings:

• Brush off all the dust, debris and leaves from the awning, moving from the upper edge to the lower edge
• Hose-off the complete awning and remove any debris or dirt that is stuck on it. With a soft-bristled brush, remove all the dirt spots and stains
• Dissolve a very small quantity of mild soap in some warm water. Use this water and scrub the awning clean. Ensure that the brush is constantly damp while you are cleaning the surface.
• Rinse the entire awning thoroughly with water
• Air it until it is totally dry. Even if there is a little dampness when you roll it up, it can promote the growth of mildew and mold and the awning will be ruined
• If the installation has a hanging valance, remove it and hose it down well. Use some mild soapy water and clean all the dirt from it with a soft-bristled brush
• Let the valance dry out completely
• Roll it up and then store that in a very dry area where there are no chances of mildew or moss growth
• It is best to simply cover the valance but do not use a plastic cover as that will only trap the moisture and result in mildew or mold growth
• In case of a retractable awning -If you are not going to be removing the awning from its frame in the winter, get a special awning cover. These covers provide very effective protection as they cover the installation completely

Things to Remember when Winterizing your Awnings

• Test the soap properly on any hidden area of the awning to ensure that it is not causing any damage
• Read the manufacturer recommendations regarding cleaning products that are safe for the awning and for the best care methods

Under normal use, high quality awnings such as the ones that Jans Awnings and Rollshutters provide remain waterproof for a number of years. However, if you feel after the winter that there is some sign of water penetration, a reproofing agent should be applied to the awning. Check with the manufacturer about which agent is best for your awning.

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters provides the best manual and motorized awnings in the Ottawa area and can be reached at (613) 832-2345.

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Home automation has been around for a number of years now and smart technology is used to dim lights, monitor and control home security systems, open garage doors etc. But this is just the beginning and smart home technology is all set to sprint ahead at an even faster pace.
Awning and Blue Sky

Smart Technology Now Does More

When it comes to smart technology, some companies have been very consistent with their innovation quotient and Apple is undoubtedly one of them. Every year, the company holds its Worldwide Developers Conference. At the 2014 conference that was held in June, Apple announced its HomeKit.

HomeKit is a suite of highly-innovative tools which will be able to control a number of devices like security systems, furnaces, thermostats, garage-door openers, blinds and motorized awnings as well. So, what’s different from the automated functions that are already available in the market today?

Well, Apple will provide its dynamic platform and the devices will have to be adapted to it. Once that is in place, the user will have the functionality to control all these devices via their iOS device. The fact is that the smart home market is growing at an amazing pace and companies like Apple are all set to capture it.

Much More than Function

Over the years, a number of smart home products have been launched, but not all of them have been glitch-free. Many homeowners who tried to incorporate these into their homes faced device incompatibility issues and the functioning was not hassle-free. But Apple’s HomeKit aims to change all that.

With this, homeowners will not be required to download an app. Instead, all the control functions will be via Siri. Homeowners will also have the convenience to bunch-up various smart home devices into specific groups & will be able to control a number of elements all at once.

Motorized Awnings

Jans Awnings is a unique company that has always stayed in-step with technological advances in the field. We have always brought to market the highest-quality products and provided the topmost customer service at extremely competitive price points. All our motorized awnings are powered by Somfy and you have the convenience to sit comfortably inside your home and either open-up or retract the awnings, just with the use of a remote.

If you so like, we can also fit weather sensors, which will detect sunny and windy condition and fold out/retract the awnings as required. Now, with the smart technology that Apple has introduced with its HomeKit launch, it is possible to raise & lower awnings just with the touch of a button even from a remote location. But customers who want to use these options will have to make sure that they install motorized awnings.

Complete Control

You will have full automated control of blinds & awnings via a specialized interface that can effectively control these elements on-site or from anywhere else. If you are looking for the best motorized awnings across Woodlawn and Ottawa, contact Jans Awnings. You can reach us on 613-832-2345 or via this online form and order your motorized awnings today.