Screened Rooms in Ottawa: Benefits and Options

Published On: August 10, 2022|Categories: Screened Rooms|

Outdoor patio enclosures are becoming extremely popular in Ottawa. And it’s no wonder – the configurations and options are practically endless with a little imagination. There is a style to suit almost any Ottawa homeowner.

screened room

But what exactly is the appeal of incorporating a screened room into your space? Here are a few of the benefits.


If you would like to sit out without the world being able to see in, there are many options for you when designing your screened room. The mesh material used to make retractable screens is available in various tints, so you can find the level of privacy that suits your needs. Even better, retractable screens are often designed so that you can see out, but others cannot see in.

retractable screens on screened room

Insect Protection

In Ottawa, during the summer, mosquitos and other insects can quickly make a nuisance of themselves – especially after the sun goes down. If you enjoy sitting out in the evening and enjoying the warm summer breeze but don’t want to deal with nagging insects, then a screened room may be the ideal solution.

Protection from the Weather and UV Rays

Screened rooms not only protect you from the glaring sun and light rain, but the screens themselves offer UV protection. This will protect you and your belongings from the harmful effects of the sun and provide a nicer environment for you to relax and unwind.

For additional protection, consider adding a retractable vinyl screen. This will help you to contain hot or cold air as well as keep rain or snow out.

Energy Savings

If there are windows and doors at the back of your screen room, chances are you will experience some energy savings thanks to your new addition. The screens will help to shade your home and protect it from the sun – meaning that your air conditioner will not have to work as hard during the hot summer months.

Get the Best of the Indoors and the Outdoors

Adding a screened room can truly give you the best of both worlds. The large retractable screens give you an unobstructed view of your backyard, but you are sheltered from the elements, and there is no need to worry about insects.

Increase your Useable Space

Do you have a deck or patio that you would like to use more, but you don’t simply because it’s not as convenient or protected as you would like it to be? A screened room can help you change that by transforming the space into something that is much more comfortable – and, therefore, useable space.

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