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Is your outdoor space too hot to enjoy? Could you use a little more privacy? Does a light rain drive you indoors? You might be in the market for an affordable, attractive and functional solution like retractable shades.

Sitting in the Shade


Retractable shades can provide a stylish solution to all those outdoor nuisances. A great deck or patio that can’t be enjoyed during those too short summer month, is no good. With the protection that retractable shades provide, you will able to make the most of the season and find renewed joy in the outdoors.

The sun can be your best friend. If the sun on your deck is too hot and too sunny, it can also be your enemy. Anything that lays out in the hot sun throughout the day will heat up and in the case of your deck, can become too uncomfortable to even stand on. Retractable shades, attached to an awning or pergola will provide the kind of shelter that will ultimately lower the heat on your deck, making if a more pleasurable experience.

If privacy is a premium on your property, you’re going to love what retractable shades can do for you. A retractable shade on an existing shade structure will add privacy, just where you need it. They made a great solution for spa areas and high decks. Retractable shades can be made in just about any size and will blend nicely into your existing outdoor oasis.

A light rain is no excuse to pack it in when you have retractable shades. When the sun is shining, retractable screens will let in the sunshine but when the skies open up, they can provide just enough protection from the rain. Your barbecue will not be ruined when you have retractable shades. They can be a game changer. A light rain is no match for your retractable shades.

Retractable shades are versatile. Where no other solutions exist because of shape or location, a retractable shade will do the trick. They are great for balconies too. They come in an array of colours and pattern, providing something for every taste. These fabrics are resistant to fading and tough as nails, making them strong enough to withstand wind and rain and all that sun. They can be installed just about anywhere that traditional roof structures won’t work.

Retractable shades are a great addition to any outdoor space. Retractable Shades will open up your season, providing you more time outdoors. With the short warm season that Southern Ontario brings, anything that will keep you outside longer, enjoying the investment you’ve made in your backyard, is a good thing.

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We’ve only just come into the warmer season and if this summer is anything like the usual Ottawa summer, the heat will soon be upon us. Finding ways to enjoy the summer while keeping the stifling heat to a minimum is always a challenge.
two houses with rollshutters
Habitat screens can be a life saver. Here are 10 reasons why:

Protection From the Sun

Hard to believe that after a long cold winter, you will want to one day, somehow block that sun. Though the long- awaited sunshine will be refreshing, it can also be damaging and uncomfortable. Habitat screens can be positioned in that backyard sweet spot that always gets the strong afternoon sun.


Many screens that are used for shelter, are also retractable. This feature can change up the décor of any outdoor space while providing protection from the sun, and bugs when needed. These screens can be operated by remote.


Habitat screens are built with durability in mind. With the ability to withstand, rain wind and intense sunshine throughout the season, Habitat builds their screens to last. A great warranty backs this up.


Looking for a shelter and privacy solution that is also gorgeous. Habitat screens certainly fit the bill. These screens are stylish and can also be unique.  The skies the limit really when you decide on habitat screens for your outdoor space.


Looking to protect your family and friends from the heat of the summer and bugs that the season brings, while also providing a little privacy can make it hard to stay within your budget. Habitat screens can fit this budget when other solutions are out of reach.


Habitat screens can be installed just about anywhere. Whether it be the patio, deck or even garage.  Not only do they add style and protection to the outdoors, they are also popular for indoor spaces.

Bug Protection

Nothing will ruin a great barbecue like mosquitos. Habitat screens will keep the bugs out and the party going. You invest a lot in your outdoor space, make the most of it and stay out longer with habitat screens.

Energy Efficient

During the summer months, all that sunshine can heat up you, your loved ones and your home. Habitat screens will keep the sun and the subsequent heat off your house, lowering those electricity bills. Your air conditioner will thank you.


Want to improve the curb appeal of your home? Habitat screens will no doubt have the neighbors talking and will draw interest to your home should you choose to sell in the future.


Habitat screens provide privacy just where you want it. Whether it be around the spa, pool or even if you want a private horseshoe game, Habitat screens can be installed in just about any space.


If you’re interested in getting new screening for your home, check out retractable screening, phantom screening, retractable shades, & screened rooms.

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There are numerous ways that you can extend your restaurant or patio space while protecting your patrons from the outside elements during the spring and summer season.

free standing shade structure

Patio Covers

When it comes to sun or rain protection, there’s no doubt a restaurant patio cover can provide an excellent place for guests to sit when there’s no more indoor seating available. As the weather warms up and even in the winter in some milder climates, an outdoor patio can provide additional seating, increased revenue, and happier customers for a restaurant. Adding an Outdoor Patio Cover can be a great investment for a business because it can increase dining revenue by 30%.

Apart from the numerous pre-engineered shade structure and canopy designs, one of the main benefits of fabric shade structures is the variety of fabric and powder coat color options. This allows us a cost-effective opportunity to create a unique and attractive covered patio solution to tie-in and complement almost any existing color scheme. Secondly, the beauty of fabric is that it can be turned, twisted, and shaped into a unique architectural design which creates a landmark statement.

These shade structures are available in a variety of fabrics, including PVC, PTFE, and high-density polyethylene mesh. There are many fabric color options available, and most are pre-engineered for high winds and permanent outdoor use. Fabric shade structures will enhance and improve the look, architectural feel, and use of any outdoor restaurant space.

For not much more money than a typical awning, and assuming there is sufficient space available, a colorful attractive fabric shade structure at a restaurant entrance, walkway, or waiting area can add significant street visibility to an establishment.

Retractable Canopies

Provide a stylish and unique shade solution for your restaurant with a retractable canopy that allows for great dining both during the day and at night. These modular canopies ride on tracks and feature Sunbrella® commercial awning fabrics. Special, built-in wind release mechanism prevents damage.

Overhead canopy kits adapt to new or existing structures, or complete support structures are available in powder-coated aluminum or vinyl. No pitch is required with unsupported spans exceeding 20 feet and larger areas can be covered with additional support posts. Canopies are not only elegant; they provide style, comfort, safety and energy savings, too. They’re engineered to perfection to maximize space and comfort, day or night.


Awnings allow you to extend your usable outdoor space, help keep interiors cooler and retract fully into sleek cassettes when not needed. Awnings are crafted from the finest materials to last a lifetime and each offers an unmatched range of technically advanced fabrics and cassette colors. You can personalize your selection with drop-down valance, lighting, or wind sensors and each awning retracts fully into a stylish cassette for enhanced style and protection. Check out some Retractable Awnings here.

Free Standing Shade Systems

When you need the most flexibility for shade wherever and whenever needed, free standing shade systems are the perfect answer. They’re completely flexible, highly functional, safe and durable. Free-standing systems are ideal for restaurants and other hospitality venues to create profitable outdoor serving space.

Jans Awnings specializes in Awnings for residential or commercial use. Check out our previous work on Commercial Awnings and see what we can do for you.

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With spring and summer right around the corner, our thoughts turn to those warm sunny days spending time outdoors in our backyards.  And what better way is there to lull the hours away than under the comfort and shade of a retractable awning.

Backyard Deck with Retractable Awning

You can comfortably enjoy time on your patio during the warm summer months because an awning can provide maximum protection from the heat of the scorching sun.  Adding an awning to your exterior space is a very inexpensive way to extend your outdoor living area.

Awnings offer both protection and beauty to any patio while helping to reduce energy costs. They can add charm and personality to your home and transform a plain façade into something special. Awnings can increase the value of your home because they set your home apart from the rest.

Although most patio awnings are designed mainly for sun protection, some are designed to protect against rain and higher levels of wind. You will no longer be chased indoors by wind gusts, rain showers or even downpours.

In additional to their attractiveness, awnings keep your home much cooler during the heat of the summer months. They help reduce air conditioning costs by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates the inside of your home by as much as 77%. They protect the interior furnishings from bleaching out by the sun’s rays and reduce sunlight glare through your windows by as much as 94%.

Awnings have changed over the years with structures that are much stronger and water resistance fabrics, like Sunbrella™, that are more weather resistant. Even with these advances in both technology and material, extreme weather including sun, rain and wind can wreak havoc with your awnings longevity. Your awning versus the weather can be managed and maintained by both you and the quality of your awning.

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning offers the benefits of leaving your patio free and clear of poles and gives a homeowner the option of full sun, part sun or full shade. Since the metals arms are adjustable, you can change the pitch of the awning to your desired position to maximize your protection.

Retractable awnings are ideal for rooms that generate excessive heat due to extreme temperatures of the sun. However, you can easily control the amount of light entering into your home and opt for maximizing brightness on overcast days.  They provide excellent coverage during a light shower because the standard awning fabric is highly water-repellent.

Patio awnings are available using a hand crank manual operation, but for those people who want the ultimate ease of operation, retractable awnings also come with a motorized system. A motorized system offers the convenience of positioning by operating a wall switch or remote control.  It couldn’t be simpler.

Your Choice

There are many styles and colours to choose among to fit any outdoor décor. If you want to make a statement with an attractive and versatile awning, Jans Awnings has over 15 years of experience in providing customers with quality and service.

Check out some of our previous work with Retractable Awnings.

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A retractable awning can be a great addition to the outside of your home. As well as the protection offered from sunlight and rain, it can also be visually appealing and add interest to the outside of your home. They can come in a number of styles, sizes and at different prices, so deciding on which retractable awning to buy can be a decision with a few factors to consider.


red awning


Think about the quality of the awning that you want. Of course, the better quality awning, the more expensive it usually is. Depending on where you live, you might need a higher quality awning. For example, if you live in an area where there is a lot of wind, you might need your awning to be stronger than if you live somewhere with less wind.

A high-quality awning is made from better quality materials – fabric and the metal frame. Good quality fabrics are:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Protective from UV rays
  • Not affected by the sun – they don’t fade

The most effective metal framing is usually made from aluminum as it is lightweight, strong, and doesn’t rust.

With awnings, you can look for a seal of approval from a reputable company which will signal a good quality awning.


Another consideration when you are choosing your retractable awning is the price. In general, the more expensive, the better quality awning. Remember that whilst you might be spending less at the time, you will probably be spending money on repairs and replacements more quickly as well.

Retracting Mechanism

The retracting mechanism can be either manual or motorized. For some, using a manual winder won’t be a problem, but for others, a remote-controlled retracting mechanism will be a necessity. Whilst the benefits of a motorized retractor are obvious, this is also open to technical issues and a higher risk of the need to be repaired.

Visual Impact

The look of your awning is also important. Make sure that you choose an awning that you both like, and that suits the style of your home. There are generally two types of retractable awnings – the ‘classic’ style, and the hip roof style – also known as the ‘Marchesa’. Each style has its own benefits for different homes, with different conditions. Remember that you will have to look at it every day, so choose the look of your retractable awning carefully.

Warranties and Guarantees

Check what warranties and guarantees you will get with your retractable awning. If you are going to spend money on something, make sure that you are protected should anything go wrong. A good awning company will always offer you a guarantee.

Choosing and buying the right retractable awnings for your home is an important decision – and one that you need to get right to avoid disappointment in the future. By considering the factors above you can ensure that you choose the right awning for you and your home.

For more information about retractable awnings, get in touch with us today and our team of experts here at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will be ready to help.

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When the sun goes down and you want security, privacy and a quiet, nocturnal environment, you can’t beat having rollshutters on your home or business.

Cottage Rollshutter

What are Rollshutters?

Rollshutters consists of interlocking slats that are made out of roll-formed aluminium with either a dense polyurethane foam core or a hard resin core. They come in a variety of sizes, strengths and operators, depending on your requirements. They are either operated manually with cranks or torsion spring operators, or they are motorized using a switch or remote. For added security, locks are available.


Rollshutters are an ideal way of keeping out intruders. Unlike alarm systems that alert you when someone unauthorized is already in the premises, keeping them out to start with is the best solution. They are used globally to secure different types of premises.


Rollshutters may be lowered completely at night to form strong curtains that will prevent unauthorized intruders. Since rollshutters are controlled from inside, no unauthorized operation can occur and you can have the additional security of choosing automatic or locking mechanisms. For business owners, rollshutters provide a barrier in front of your expensive storefront glass preventing costly replacement and rising insurance costs.


Closed rollshutters provide an ideal level of privacy, creating a buffer between the open and closed area of your business. You can close off food preparation areas, reception areas, bars or any other area you do not want accessed by the public and if you or your staff needs to work late, your privacy is assured that vulnerability to vandalism is minimized.

They are used throughout the world as protection from vandalism in congregations, schools, concession stands, home, businesses & recreational facilities.

Noise Insulation & Sleep:

Aluminum roller shutters with sound-absorbing and CFC-free insulating foam, not only keeps noise from escaping your home, but they reduce the noise level considerably from getting into your home. This level of noise reduction makes them the ideal choice by shift workers who work at night and must sleep by day. Rollshutters improve your quality of sleep with their level of darkness and silence from disturbing noises.

For people who suffer from migraine headaches, rollshutters dramatically reduce and insulate a person from brain piercing noises that make migraines worse and prolong their occurrence. Rollshutters provide the perfect nocturnal environment to help you get to sleep and sleep longer without noise interruption such as the sound of lawn mowers, barking dogs and external city sounds.

Even if sleeping is not an issue due to light, work or migraines, you’ll sleep more securely during the night knowing your house is secure from extreme weather storms resulting in falling branches and debris crashing through a window.

If your home is in the Ottawa or surrounding areas, Jans Awnings & Rollshutters can install new Rollshutters at a time that works best for you. Give Us A Call or Contact Us today.

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he tree is up, the lights are shining, and the stockings are hung. You’ve really outdone your decorating self this year, but you may have forgotten something very important. Your aluminum awning of course. Decorating your aluminum awning for the holidays will take your decorating savvy to a whole new level.

xmas decorations


When it comes to Christmas, your aluminum awning is like a blank slate and the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are a few tips that will light up your awning and heart.


Holiday lights are a mainstay in any Christmas decor. Be sure to use safety first when planning for that awning light display. You may choose to adorn your Christmas awning in much the same theme as the rest of the house. Be sure to test the lights prior to hanging them. The only thing more cumbersome that hanging lights is having to take them down, twice. If green and red aren’t your awning’s favourite colour and don’t match, simply use white lights. They are a holiday classic and double as functional light when you’re doing a little winter barbecuing. Some choose to use these lights all year long. Have on hand some tools of the trade like light clips, and fasteners. If you are using a ladder be sure to tie it down and use caution with electricity and any wet areas.


Yes, you can add light sculptures and lightweight Christmas figures to your aluminum awning. How awesome would Santa Claus look atop your awning instead of your roof? Be sure anything that is placed on the top of your awning for the holiday season is lightweight. Also, ensure it is tied down. Heavy winds and reindeer don’t mix. Consider a timer for all your awning decorations. This will save you a whole lot of time and often, with the cost of hydro, a little money.


Go wild with ornaments. The frame of your awning is begging for adornment. Choose a colour theme and have at it. Hang any holiday ornaments on your awning with care. They will need more than a piece of string to secure them. Remember, any Christmas ornaments that are outside will need to endure the elements of that messy Holiday season weather.

Ribbon, bows and more

Think big when it comes to bows. A great holiday bough or two can frame your aluminum awning and coordinate with existing decorations. Ribbons should compliment other elements and don’t forget to look down. If your awning is open, consider a couple of planters with holiday greenery and balls to anchor the space. These planters can create a welcoming environment for your Christmas awning and ultimately your home.

Decorating your awning for the holidays can be a joyful experience. Plan, purchase and stay on budget. Your Christmas awning will soon be the envy of your neighbourhood during this festive holiday season.

Is an aluminum awning on your Christmas list this year? If so we can help, contact us today!

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In today’s competitive market, you can set your business apart by installing a modern commercial retractable awning. Not only does a commercial awning extend the living space of your business, but it offers maximum protection from the heat of solar rays entering your premise. Commercial awnings can enhance the look of your storefront with its beauty and appearance. It also provides you with a unique branding opportunity.

Entrance Canopy

Energy Savings

When a commercial awning is strategically placed on your building, you create sustainable savings from the merciless summer heat through lowering cooling costs. These savings occur by blocking and/or reducing the amount of solar heat and UV radiation that traditionally gets absorbed by your building; thereby, reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool your business space.

Your return on investment accrues over time because you have an attractive and controllable way to manage your interior cooling expenses. Whether your business is an office building or a store-front retail space, your establishment will benefit from custom commercial awnings.

A New Look

Adding a retractable awning to your business gives you the opportunity of showing off a new look. A commercial awning allows you the chance to change the face and feel of your retail space with a customized style. It also provides a dramatic effect to the outside of your company and offers the impression of a major renovation that can attract customers.

Expanding Outside Space

Retracting commercial awnings provide a business owner the unique opportunity to expand their outside space into a more usable environment. It can provide shade and shelter for both customers and employees alike. In the case of restaurants with patios or cafes, retractable awnings are particularly beneficial because they provide their customers with more comfortable surroundings as a shelter from environmental factors.

Marketing Your Business with an Awning

A retractable commercial awning can help to enhance your marketing and advertising because branding and awnings go hand-in-hand. Since the material used to make these canopies are weather resistant and highly durable, they are a perfect place to add your custom logo and business name.

Commercial awnings make your business stand out in comparison to other local enterprises, giving your company a unique look while enhancing the attractive architecture of your building. These awnings are a great way to lure passersby into your storefront, restaurant or office.

Advanced Technology

Over the years, advanced technology has increased the durability and longevity of the materials that are used to make retractable awnings. Materials like the Sunbrella line of textiles are incredibly stylish and durable options. They offer superior fade and stain resistance and clean quickly.


Installing a commercial awning on your business property is a long-term investment that offers numerous benefits. Retractable commercial awnings can last for years, reduce your energy costs, renovate your space with a new, fresh look and advertise your business with a simple, tasteful custom awning.

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters is renowned within the industry through a proven record of excellence when it comes to fully backing their products and customer satisfaction. Ready to install an awning for your business? Contact us today and our team of experts will help you choose the right awning for your business.

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Autumn is upon us, and if ever there was a season to inspire us, autumn ranks number one with its rich array of colours, the smell of crisp air and fall leaves. Mother Nature becomes a true artist in the fall and paints her masterpiece with leaves ablaze with shades of red, gold, orange and yellow.

cottage with screened porch


Autumn can transport you to a new level of contentment with local farmers selling their seasonal produce of crisp apples, squash and stout pumpkins. Now, this is the perfect time to partake in the sights and smells of the season, and there is no better place that you can enjoy more of the season than from the comfort of your screened-in porch.

You can enjoy the pleasures of your outdoor living beyond spring and summer, especially when the sizzling heat of the summer finally breaks. During the fall, your screened porch can be a more enjoyable place to linger outside with cooler weather and the glorious shades of nature all around you.

Just Imagine

Just imagine how enjoyable it can be on an autumn morning in your fluffy robe and slippers, sipping a warm cup of frothy latte’ in your favourite overstuffed cushion chair. You get the opportunity to see wildlife in their scurry to get ready for the winter ahead and listen to the geese flying overhead going south, all the while listening to the rustle of the autumn leaves falling while you’re checking your emails and schedule for the day.

A screened-in porch can extend your time outdoors even if it’s a tad chilly. If you were lucky enough to install a fireplace as part of your porch build, you have the opportunity to inject ambience and real warmth into the space.


Regardless whether it’s wood burning or gas, you’ll be warm and toasty in this extended space by the allure of flickering flames and heat that it provides. If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, you still have the opportunity to purchase gorgeous outdoor space heaters that will give you the feeling of an outdoor fireplace with a similar appeal and alluring feel. Whichever it might be, a heat source of some sort will create a lovely spot to curl up with a book or just cozy up on a cool fall day.

Interior Décor

Fall is a wonderful time to incorporate some autumn colours in your screened porch. Interior decor is a superb mood-setter that can give you and your family a mental break from the sizzling heat of the summer.

In addition to the aroma of autumn and the scenic imagery that you can witness while being tucked inside your screened-in porch, you can enhance the experience by bringing the outdoors in with the potted flowers of the season. Imagine being surrounded by pots of classic autumn hues of orange, gold, russet and bronze mums and purple asters.

Add to your delight by having baskets filled with autumn corncobs, scones and pumpkins to create a seasonal look for warmth and comfort. If you haven’t already, hang some strings of interior mini-lights. With the evenings getting darker sooner, the warm twinkle, glow of mini-lights will certainly provide an atmosphere that is warm, cozy and relaxed.

A final touch that you might consider is to add plush, seasonal-coloured cushions of russet and cranberry, fluffy-colourful brown, gold and crimson flannel blankets; thereby changing up the scheme with the rich hues of fall colours. All of these minor change-ups will create an atmosphere that invites fall weather and adds warmth for your guests.

Enjoy Your Screened Porch

Autumn is a perfect time to enjoy the splendours of fall with its colours, aromas and cooler temperatures while cuddled up contently in the privacy of your screened porch.

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters has over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with rollshutter, awnings, retractable screens, and the best customer service possible. If you believe that you are in need of any of our home solutions, call us at 613-832-2345 to book a free consultation.

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It’s almost time to dig out the decorations for Halloween and set a ghostly mood at your house to welcome enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. Many homeowners discover that casting creepy characters in a spooky haven for scaring and delighting the locals is both fun and easy to achieve.

Halloween Trick or Treaters


You’ll want to make a frightening, enchanting yet hair-raising statement when the youngsters arrive at your house. Your home can become a desirable neighbourhood destination, using an assortment of exterior features that is sure to convey the highly anticipated night of the dead.

If you already have a fixed aluminum awning, it’s a great fixture to anchor Halloween decorations or build a Halloween theme without spending a lot to create a creepy Halloween experience. What better way to greet them than to decorate your awning, front porch, door and entryway with a wicked welcome in the spirit of Halloween in Ottawa.

And decorating your aluminum awning is a great place to begin your haunted abode, like making the awning area turn into a bat cave. This dauntingly scary and frightfully fun cavern not only spooks up your front porch for visitors but creates a Halloween signature location to visit in the neighbourhood.

An awning is the ideal spot for hanging Halloween lights or creating a massive spider web with spider webbing anchored at the corners. To spruce it up even more you can add a chock-full of fake spiders to the giant web.

A great scary appearance is to perch realistic looking skeletons on the top of the awning with their legs dangling over the edge for a scary looking passageway to the front door. This will frighten even the most fearless Halloween visitor!

Awnings are a great place to hand cut out silhouettes of different spooky creatures, like witches, goblins and bugs while having them dangle and move about in the night breeze. You can even attach a giant, black hairy spider as a bone-chilling bonus!

Complement your frightfully festooned awning by adorning any furniture you might have at the front door with Halloween decorations. The use of black pillows, spooky cats sitting on the front settee or a witch/scarecrow sitting on the porch will cast a frighteningly delightful shelter.

Underneath the awning is perfect for displaying lighted pumpkins, scary faced jack-o-lanterns, scream-worthy scarecrows, zombies or sounds from a Halloween DVD. With a few simple, (yet effective) Halloween decorations, you can make your residence the most unique and frightening house on the block for the trick-or-treaters to visit!


Jans Awnings and Rollshutters has over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with rollshutters, awnings, retractable screens, and the best customer service possible. If you believe that you are in need of any of our home solutions, call us at 613-832-2345 to book a free consultation.