School Rollshutters for Security and Savings

Published On: July 28, 2014|Categories: Rollshutters|

If you are a school, there are several reasons why you should invest in Talius Rollshutters.

Protection against Vandalism

Vandalism is common when it comes to schools as often schools are on large properties where visibility is an issue at night.  Windows are an easy target, as all it takes is for some inconsiderate person to pick up a rock and toss it at the window.  With our rollshutters, you can protect your windows and  eliminate the need for emergency glass cleanup, and costly window repair.  Our rollshutters are virtually impenetrable, which prevents any break and enter attempts to vandalize the school hallways with spray paint.

Savings on Cooling and Heating Bills

On those hot, muggy days, roll shutters, when they are down, can keep the cool air in.  Over time, this saves you thousands in utility costs.  During the evenings in the winter, the shutters can be closed keeping the heat from escaping.

Theft Prevention

Schools are full of valuable items, such as computers, tablets, and sporting good equipment.  To make matters worse, thousands of people know where those items are kept due to the heavy daily traffic a school gets.  Our rollshutters are nearly impossible to break into, making the temptation of theft difficult.

Playground Accidents

I remember being in grade three at Mary Honeywell Elementary School and being extremely upset when I accidentally cracked a window with a baseball that bounced into the library window.  The teachers were very pleasant about the incident, and never reported it back to my parents.  They understood that playground accidents are going to happen as there are a lot of sports equipment and toys being tossed about.  Putting the rollshutters down at recess prevents windows from being broken, cracked or smashed.

Shielding from Storms

Talius Rollshutters offer additional security against strong winds and storm weather. They prevent tree branches from smashing windows, or windows from blowing open and letting in rain. Schools are also a common place where people gather to in times of emergency and power outages.  Rollshutters will keep your school protected from the elements, and all those inside quite cozy and safe.

Additional Information

Rollshutters are the perfect way to protect the investment of your school, as well as the security for your students.  They are perfect for high schools, grade schools and colleges.  Jans Awnings near Ottawa offers rollshutters that are customizable, meaning they will blend in with your property and not be unsightly.

Below is a video from Talius that further explains the benefits of rollshutters.


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