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outside window

If you are planning to replace your home’s windows, here are a few things you should consider.

When should I replace my windows?

If you feel that your windows don’t enhance the look of your home or protect it from the weather elements, you will probably want to invest in new windows. New windows will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home but also increase your comfort levels and reduce your expenses. Replacing your existing windows with brand new ones is an expensive solution. In addition to the price of the windows, you will have to factor in the cost of installation.

Repair or replace my windows?

If the original framing is intact, you will be able to install a replacement window into the opening. You will also have to replace the trim, sashes and side jambs. If the framing is rotted, you will need a construction window. It can cost 50 percent to 100 percent more than a replacement window.

Calculate your ROI

You will be able to recover much of your investment when you sell the home. While ordering replacement windows make sure that they match the style of your house. So, for example, if you have a luxury home, you should consider investing in high end replacement windows. Mid-range windows are suitable for an average home. High-end windows in a low-range home are unlikely to recoup their value when you sell the home. High performance windows will reduce your energy bills. However, before installing the windows, you will have to insulate the house and seal all cracks.

Choosing the right window

Many different types of windows are available on the market. Here is a quick overview:


Double-hung windows

You can open these windows from the top and the bottom.

Casement windows

Casement windows are attached to their frames by hinges. They are quite easy to operate. You should consider installing them in hard-to-reach places.

Double-pane windows

These windows are made of 2 pieces of glass which may have an inert gas like krypton or argon between them. They are very energy efficient.

Tilt-out windows

These windows allow you to clean the exterior from the inside. Ordering windows off the shelf is less expensive than buying custom sizes with several upgrades. Upgrades will easily increase the cost of your windows, but they are worth the investment. Triple-paned glass windows, for example, are highly energy efficient. They will prevent your home from getting overheated during the hot summer months. This will reduce your cooling costs. Before ordering replacement windows, you should visit the showroom. This will give you an opportunity to see available models.

Selecting a dealer

You should order replacement windows from a well-established dealer with a storeroom and a useful website. If you decide to buy custom windows, you will probably have to wait weeks or even months. So, you will need to take that into account. Jans Awnings sells quality vinyl windows manufactured by North Star. North Star windows are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. They also look quite attractive. Contact us to know more.

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A sunroom allows you to enjoy your surroundings while being protected from the sun, rain or wind. Sunroom additions have become quite popular in recent times. More than 500,000 homes in North America have sunrooms added to them. A sunroom addition will make your home more beautiful.

Installing a sunroom is easier and more cost effective than building an extra room to your property. Also sunrooms provide an extra space that you can enjoy all year round.

Sunroom designs

Sunrooms have a come long way. Modern sunrooms are more attractive and energy efficient than old designs. They are low maintenance and their design tends to blend well with nearly all kinds of architecture. Before designing a sunroom, you should know how you intend to use the space. You have got three options for sunroom designs.

An open porch will be enjoyable during the early fall and late spring. However, the winter cold and summer heat will make it virtually useless during those months where the weather is extreme.

A three-season sunroom is built of insulated glass but it doesn’t have a cooling or heating system. Thanks to its insulated design, it will be usable during cold and hot seasons. But if the summer is too hot or the winter is too cold, the area may become unusable.

Four season sunrooms are well-insulated structures that have their own cooling and heating systems. They incorporate thermally insulated glass in their framing. Thermally insulated glass prevents condensation and makes the space more energy efficient. A four-season sunroom will increase the value of your property when it is time to sell.

Types Of sunrooms

There are mainly three types of sunrooms.

Cathedral sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms have a front-peaked wall that lets light in and increase your view of the outdoors. If you install a glass-paned roof, your view will get even better. A cathedral sunroom provides year-round comfort.

Cathedral Sunroom Advantages

The peaked roof of a cathedral sunroom will complement the architecture of most homes. They look more spacious. Also the slopped roof will prevent snow buildup.


A conservatory sunroom requires less maintenance. It has energy efficient features and a classical design. A conservatory sunroom has a domed roof design which adds a touch of elegance to your entire home. These sunrooms can serve as intimate retreats. They can even enclose a pool.

Conservatory Sunroom Advantages

A conservatory sunroom can add a Georgian or Victorian appeal to your home. It has a long, arched design that provides a 360 degree view of the outside. Also a conservatory sunroom made entirely of glass looks beautiful and lets in the most sunlight.

Straight/curved eave sunrooms

These sunrooms use glass or an opaque material to build a straight angled roof. They have a modern look; they are also highly energy efficient. They are available in both traditional and modern designs. The best part is that they look like a natural part of the house.

At Jans Awnings we have several years of experience in building and installing sunrooms that will add beauty and value to your home. Our sunrooms are custom designed and can withstand storms. They have a well-insulated wall system. They are built of high performance glass and thermal efficiency.

Jans Awnings offers customized sunrooms that suit your specific needs and budget. Call our Woodlawn office today at 613-832-2345 to get a sunroom installation quote.


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Awnings provide protection from sun and bad weather. They serve both decorative and functional purposes. Awnings have been in use since the 19th century. Over the years they have developed themselves into ornamental structures that make the exterior of your property visually attractive.

Why you should install awnings

Awnings snazz up the exterior of your property and make it stand out from similar properties in the vicinity. By simply installing awnings over your windows, you will be able to keep them open even when it is raining. They also provide cover for restaurant patios.

Commercial awnings enhance the usability of your space. That is why every small business needs to invest in commercial awnings.

Commercial awnings providing protection from the elements on street corner

What to consider while choosing awnings?

Awnings are a long-term investment and that explains why you should choose them with special care. After all, you won’t change them every year. Here are a few things you should consider while buying commercial awnings.

Know what you want

The right commercial awnings are great working-partners for life. Before choosing awnings of a particular kind, you should know exactly what sort of protection you need. Are you running a computer repair shop, a bakery, a boutique or a gym? Your need for protection from inclement weather may change depending upon the nature of your business.

Choosing awnings doesn’t have to be difficult. All that you need to do is to apply some common sense and ask the right questions. Here are some tips.

Choose a company that is enthusiastic about serving you

That’s very important. Buy awnings from a company that is interested in serving you. Maybe you are buying a single window awning or a series of awnings that cover an entire façade. Regardless of the size of your order, they should be willing to provide personalized service and expert recommendations.

Beauty isn’t skin deep

The awnings should make your place look more attractive. However, just by looking at it, you can’t decide how great the awning is underneath. The structural design, framing materials and installation techniques determine the longevity.

Consider your budget

Choose something that you can afford. The company should be able to offer creative suggestions and useful tips within your price range. Even if your budget is small, you should still ensure that you are buying awnings of the highest quality you can get. Quality awnings have lower total cost of ownership.

Go local

Choose a local company that has a great reputation in making and installing commercial awnings. They should be able to explain all available options and help you choose the right awnings for the location and type of your business.

At Jans Awnings, we take pride in providing excellent support and guidance to our customers. We help them choose the right awnings for their business by studying their unique requirements.

Jans Awnings have 15 years of experience in providing awnings. We also have a showroom to show you some samples. This will let you see what you are getting before you choose one. We will visit your specific location to determine which environmental factors come into play. This allows us to recommend the right awnings for your business.

Better still, we can handle the entire project including the creative design, production and installation. This allows us to complete your project faster.

Call us today to see how we can make your commercial space more usable.

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Commercial rollshutters serve many purposes when installed and used by businesses. They come in multiple types, colours and styles, to suit your needs for your business.

Security and Protection

Commercial rollshutters protect against robbery and break-ins. They are securely locked into place preventing any exterior damage from happening to your storefront and preventing against anything inside your business from being stolen which gives you peace of mind when nobody is at the business. Also, since rollshutters are a one-time installment, you won’t have to spend multiple payments like you would have to with security systems. If you need some convincing on how rollshutters can keep your business safe, watch this video about how safe they really are.

They also protect your business not only from intruders but also from some extreme weather conditions. Keeping the warmth inside your office and the unwanted cold out. Be it wind, rain, sleet or snow, rollshutters will keep the inside of your business nice and dry. It can help control the amount of sunlight that comes inside as well.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Rollshutters?

Our product can help everyone out but it mainly applies to retail storefronts, liquor stores, service stations, offices, and counter and cabinets enclosures. Some higher profile companies that use rollshutters are: the Sony Store, Walmart, Hooters, LCBO and most malls.

The rollshutters also come in multiple colours and designs which can make your business visually appealing. With the multiple different colours you can choose from, nothing so visually stunning can protect your business so well.

Maintenance and Use

Commercial roll shutters are easy to use, install and maintain. They are strong, secure and durable. We tailor our high quality product to your needs. When installed you can operate them from switches, timers, or even by key. It also helps with noise reduction from the outside world.  So during off hours, when you are doing tasks where you need to focus, such as inventory, Rollshutters can help you concentrate.

With all these perks and advantages to these rollshutters why wouldn’t you want to have one for your office or business.

If you want any more information on our Talius rollshutters, please contact us.


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There really isn’t much you can do when it’s snowing and the outdoor areas in your home become almost unusable and you long for the weather to change. But then the same thing happens in the summer months too.

There are days where you simply want to lounge around outdoors and enjoy the open air but the sun prevents you from doing so. This is exactly where Jans Awnings & Rollshutters comes into the picture. We have a range of products that ensure you can enjoy the outdoors without having to weather the elements.

Backyard awning

The Benefits of Awnings

The simplest method of enjoying outdoor living spaces is to have some shading elements above them. We have a range of awnings, screens and shades that will provide you with the shade you need. In addition, these elements provide some more benefits such as:

  • Energy Savings – Our awnings, shades and screens are aesthetically appealing but they also save energy in your home, shop or office. Most buildings and homes have large glass windows to let in sunlight and air. But a lot of heat gets through these windows even when they are shut.
    Solar radiation streaming through the glass accounts for approximately 20% of your air-conditioning costs. Adding an awning or a screen to outside patio and balcony doors is one way of saving on energy bills.
  • Protects the Interiors – Most homeowners spend a lot of time and trouble decorating their home with the best fabric for sofas, chairs and curtains. There might also be wooden polished furniture in these indoor spaces. Very bright sunlight tends to fade the fabric and damages the polish on your expensive furniture.
    The minute you add deep awnings outside your windows, it blocks out the heat, and all your precious furniture, carpets, expensive rugs and curtains are protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Our Products

We offer a range of products that are made of durable, strong and flame retardant materials. We have products such as:

  • Retractable Awnings – These provide very effective protection from the rain and sun and are available in automatic and manual variants. We are also able to customize the widths for you, down to the inch.
  • Rollshutters – These are perfect for residential, cottage or business security. They are also customizable and can be used on screen storage areas, large windows, storefronts and pool houses. These provide your property with the security it needs and offers heat insulation (even after sundown), which helps you save on energy bills.
  • Screens & Shutters – These are the ideal method of enhancing your patio, porch or gazebo. They are available in motorized-retractable styles and keep these areas well-shaded. These areas can then be comfortably used to relax and entertain in.

If you require awnings, rollshutters, or screens & shutters in the Ottawa area, contact Jans Awnings & Rollshutters at 613-832-2345. Alternatively send us your questions via our online form and we will call you as soon as possible.


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If you are a school, there are several reasons why you should invest in Talius Rollshutters.

Protection against Vandalism

Vandalism is common when it comes to schools as often schools are on large properties where visibility is an issue at night.  Windows are an easy target, as all it takes is for some inconsiderate person to pick up a rock and toss it at the window.  With our rollshutters, you can protect your windows and  eliminate the need for emergency glass cleanup, and costly window repair.  Our rollshutters are virtually impenetrable, which prevents any break and enter attempts to vandalize the school hallways with spray paint.

Savings on Cooling and Heating Bills

On those hot, muggy days, roll shutters, when they are down, can keep the cool air in.  Over time, this saves you thousands in utility costs.  During the evenings in the winter, the shutters can be closed keeping the heat from escaping.

Theft Prevention

Schools are full of valuable items, such as computers, tablets, and sporting good equipment.  To make matters worse, thousands of people know where those items are kept due to the heavy daily traffic a school gets.  Our rollshutters are nearly impossible to break into, making the temptation of theft difficult.

Playground Accidents

I remember being in grade three at Mary Honeywell Elementary School and being extremely upset when I accidentally cracked a window with a baseball that bounced into the library window.  The teachers were very pleasant about the incident, and never reported it back to my parents.  They understood that playground accidents are going to happen as there are a lot of sports equipment and toys being tossed about.  Putting the rollshutters down at recess prevents windows from being broken, cracked or smashed.

Shielding from Storms

Talius Rollshutters offer additional security against strong winds and storm weather. They prevent tree branches from smashing windows, or windows from blowing open and letting in rain. Schools are also a common place where people gather to in times of emergency and power outages.  Rollshutters will keep your school protected from the elements, and all those inside quite cozy and safe.

Additional Information

Rollshutters are the perfect way to protect the investment of your school, as well as the security for your students.  They are perfect for highschools, grade schools and colleges.  Jans Awnings near Ottawa offers rollshutters that are customizable, meaning they will blend in with your property and not be unsightly.  Below is a video from Talius that further explains the benefits of rollshutters.


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Sunbrella Retractable awnings are made up of a poly-acrylic fabric that come in over 200 colours and designs. It is water repellent, fade resistant, and mold resistant. It helps protect from UV rays, it’s breathable and easy to take care of. Our Sunbrella awnings are mixed with a solution dye that’s mixed into our fabric which gives it our long lasting colour that won’t fade. It has a motor where, from the push of a button, you have an enjoyable shaded area for you and your family and friends.
sunbrella fabric types

Something you might notice is the awning after it is installed is has some natural “imperfections”.

• Veining – Our fabrics may sometimes show “veining” because of the effect of the sunshine and how it hits the awning at certain times of day.
• White lines – Our fabrics our treated with resins that can show white streaks during the treatment and usually show even more in certain sunlight.
• Folds – When you roll back your awning some of the seams roll up. Since the fabric becomes thicker, usually by the seems, that’s usually where you might find some wrinkling
With these “imperfections” you don’t need to change your fabric at all, but if you do have any questions or other concerns about your awning this is why we have a 5 year warranty on our awning in case something major does happen.

Taking care of your awning

As for everything you need to give your awning a little tender, love, and care (TLC). This can be done as easily as sweeping off the dirt, leaves, or even pine cones off of it. But here is some advice on taking care of your awning.
• General cleaning – Use dishwashing soap with lukewarm water. Make sure to rinse off the fabric to remove all residue and air dry only!
• Heavy cleaning – Use chlorine bleach mixed with a mild detergent and water and scrub with a soft brush. Allow it to soak in and rinse it off and repeat the process to the stain if needed

Tips to maintain your awning

Make sure you keep the area you are cleaning protected so nothing gets touched by the bleach because it can harm other fabrics or surfaces. Make sure the fabric is air dried.  Sunbrella products dry very quickly and do not need to be machine dried. Do not use an iron or steamer on the fabric because it can damage the fabric.

Take a look at Sunbrella’s vast selection of fabrics that you can choose for your awning.

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Four Benefits of Installing Habitat Screens by Talius

When people ask me what Habitat Screens are, my reply is to think of them as sunglasses for your house. Habitat screens are like interior blinds, however they are on the outside of your home where they have several benefits.
habitat screens

Retractable Screens

Habitat Screens are adjustable to provide shade when you need it. In the evening, or when you want to open the windows, the screen retracts neatly into a 5″ panel box.

Energy Efficient

energy savings with habitat screens
Installed on the outside of your windows, Habitat Screens absorb the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the glass, keeping it outside. This saves you money on air conditioning costs and will protect your carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors from fading caused by the sun’s UV rays. Hardwood in particular can dry out and warp, and Habitat Screens will aid in this not occurring. If you display artwork, the screens will help protect your paintings and prints from fading.


Habitat Screens reduce the need for blinds, drapes or other window treatments. This allows the room to appear larger, and can make the room feel less cluttered. Habitat screens are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials to suit the look of your home. To maintain their attractiveness, all you really need to do to clean your Habitat screen is hose them off.  Habitat Screens are simple to clean.


Habitat Screens are not only limited to your house but can be used for a variety of living spaces. Patios, gazebos, porches, garages, and decks can all be transformed into comfortable living spaces free from the sun’s heat and glare, without sacrificing your view. What’s even better, is that habitat screens are customizable for all sorts of climates. For example, in Ottawa we are prone to high wind storms once or twice a year. While Habitat screens are fine in light wind conditions, they will be damaged in high winds. That’s why Talius offers a wind detection device that will roll up your screens automatically should it detect high speed winds.


Habitat screens are a wonderful way to save money, keep your house cool, and beautify your living space. By buying Talius, you are also supporting Canadian families as Talius is manufactured in British Columbia. Below is a short video provided by Talius which further explains the benefits of Habitat Screens.

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Phantom Screens are retractable screens, meaning they aren’t fixed, hinged, or sliding. Instead they retract into your wall or a recess where they can be hidden from view. It’s challenging to explain how awesome they really are unless you see them in person, as many people are used to old fashioned screens. This is why we’ve come up with six ways why Phantom screens are amazing.
phantom screens

1. Phantom Screens won’t obstruct your view

Retractable screens disappear from view when you don’t need them. So, when you close your windows, you can retract the screens and only look through glass, rather than glass and a fixed screen. Fixed screens are there all year round and looking through them can get really annoying. Especially with patio doors, as the view just isn’t as nice with a screen door always in view. With retractable screens you can enjoy the perfect view. This comes in handy if you are an avid birdwatcher or animal lover and you want to snap a quick picture through a window. Fixed screens will distort your picture, however, with retractable screens you won’t have this problem.

2. Phantom Screens can preserve your architectural integrity

Phantom screens come in a variety of sizes, colours and wood grain finishes so they can match any house. Depending on your type of retractable screen, they can be recessed so they are completely hidden from view until needed. You can put phantom screens on windows that stretch up to 25 long, or you can put phantom screens on patios, verandas and decks to enjoy mosquito free meals and lounging. Retractable screens are just that versatile.

3. French doors screens

Putting screens on French doors used to be difficult, however with Phantom screens Jans Awnings can place two screens that are mounted to each side of the door frame. The dual screens meet in the center and are held in place with a hidden latch system. This gives you all the benefits of screens, while preserving the look of your doors. With our system, you only need to open one screen at a time, which makes access in and out of the house easy!

4. Keep out UV rays

Retractable screens reduces the glare of the sun and keeps harmful UV rays out. This stops your furnishings, floors and artwork from fading. The screens then disappear when you don’t need them.

5. Reduce energy bills with Retractable Screens

Retractable screens reduce your air conditioning costs and lower the amount of energy used to cool your home. Exterior mounted retractable screens are much more effective at keeping the interior cool then blinds or curtains, which are on the inside. Because retractable screens are used only when needed, your daylight can be maximized delivering significant payoffs in energy efficiency as you spend less money on lighting the house with artificial light, and the breeze that comes through the screens will save you on air conditioning costs.

6. Phantom screens are protected from harsh weather

Because Phantom Screens retract, they don’t need to be out and exposed to the elements during the sometimes harsh Ottawa winters. All you need to do is retract the mesh into the housing before winter, and they won’t be damaged by wind, dirt or other elements. During those warm days we sometimes get in late winter, you can put the screens out and air out the home with ease.


There are more than six ways why Phantom Screens are beneficial to you. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at 613-832-2345, or contact Jans Awnings and we can talk to you in person to answer any of your questions about Phantom Screens.

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One manufacturer we love to work with is Talius, who produces state of the art Rollshutters that provide so many benefits for your home.  Gone are the days of ugly roll shutters that made your home look like a pawn shop in downtown Detroit.  You can now get roll shutters in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, adding beauty to your home.  Talius is able to work with us and produce custom roll shutters to fit and match your doors and windows.
House Rollshutter
Rollshutters not only add beauty to your home, but they:

Protect your Windows from Storms

The weather has been getting crazy in Ontario.  The summer of 2013 saw some heavy storms that brought a lot of trees down and broke a lot of windows.  In December 2013, Ontario was hit again with a massive ice storm that damaged a lot of houses and cottages.  With roll shutters, you can sleep more securely during the night knowing your house is protected from flying debris or branches that may come crashing through your window.  If you are a snow bird, you no longer have to worry about a second floor window breaking, and the elements blowing in during the months you are away from home.  Even if you are insured, you don’t want rain damaging your photos and family keepsakes that are priceless.

Prevent Burglary

Talius roll shutters are specially engineered to prevent break-ins and forced entry when you are away on vacation, or at work.  They are also perfect for cottages, where it’s easy for anyone to break in and cause a lot of damage or vandalism during the off season.

The elderly who live in large homes, are subject to break-ins at night as they often suffer from hearing loss and can easily sleep through a break and entry.  Many seniors don’t have the energy to look after a young dog who could deter thieves, nor is it easy for them to figure out how to work out an alarm system (particularity with bad eye sight).  With roll shutters, you have a simple solution to enjoy your golden years in the home you love.

If you own a retail or service business, roll shutters are a fantastic way of protecting your investment.  Even if you have an alarm, it doesn’t take much for a desperate thief to break through a window and steal thousands of dollars of computer equipment.  Because nobody can see what’s behind your windows, roll shutters eliminate a lot of the temptation for someone to smash your window to grab an ipad or a laptop.

Below is an informative video on how you can benefit more from a security point of view from a roll down shutter.

Perfect Home Theater

Roll shutters provide complete darkness when closed, meaning you can watch your television with no glare from the sun.  With the windows closed and the roll shutters down, you can crank up your stereo a few notches while you’re watching that blockbuster movie without worry of your neighbours calling the police on you.

Improve your Quality of Sleep

Roll shutters not only keep noise from escaping your home, they prevent outside noise from getting in.  This makes them ideal for shift workers (who appreciate darkness and silence while they sleep at high noon)  If you suffer from migraine headaches, Rollshutters can block out those brain piercing noises you are sensitive to like lawn mowers, barking dogs, or that kid bouncing his basketball down the road.  Even if you don’t suffer from migraines, not waking up to your neighbor mowing their lawn at 7am on Sunday morning sounds like a great way to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

Save Your Energy Bill

Rollshutters insulate the house, so in the summer as the sun stays out, and the air conditioning doesn’t leak out.  Keeping the sun out of your home also protects your hardwood, walls and furniture from UV rays, so they don’t fade as quick.  In the winter, roll shutters keep the heat in, so you can sleep better at night, as the heat register isn’t constantly turning on and off waking you up. When closed at night, you can reduce heat loss in the winter by 20% which is a huge saving considering the high cost of hydro and heating.

Jans Awnings specializes in installing roll down shutters to save you money and improve your comfort. We can recommend the best shutters to suit your need, and shutters are installed to match your home, so they never look out of place.  If you live in the Ottawa area, contact Jans Awnings or call Jans Awnings today at 613-832-2345.