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This Halloween, give your home a devilish look with these easy do-it-yourself Halloween decorations to add to your awnings, rollshutters, and screens. All materials can be bought at Michael’s, Party City, and/or The Dollar Store. They are perfect for families on a budget and for those who prefer to create the decorations themselves.

1. Bats:

Depending on the type you’re creating, bats can go on either awnings or roll shutters. 3D bats, which you can hang from your awning, can be easily made using Styrofoam balls, black tissue paper, white paint, some wires for antennas and a couple of black foamy sheets of paper. For more instructions you can visit

For those who have rollshutters and are trying to keep pranksters off their property, 2D bats will do the charm. All you have to do is find an outline of a bat, print it out on cardboard paper, cut the figure out and use a permanent marker to paint it black. Once dried, add a touch of white paint to create the eyes.

halloween silhouette of a witch2. Silhouettes:

To produce a more encouraging look for the neighbourhood children we recommend you decorate your windows, especially the ones with screens, with silhouettes. Silhouettes create a spooky atmosphere that is appropriate for Halloween festivities and is very simply to create. All you need is to cut out some cool shapes from black cardboard, apply them on windows and turn on the lights. The silhouettes must be hung indoors for this to work.

3. Hanging Halloween Plates

You can easily add these decorations to awnings and retractable deck screens. For this decoration you will need markers (choose dark colours) and paper plates. Draw Halloween characters such as goblins, ghosts, bats, cats etc on the plates. Puncture a hole at the top of the plate and attach a string that you will hang from the awning or deck screen. Masking tape will hold the strings that hold the plates.

4. Decorate the pillows and the furnishings

It may not be enough to attach a few creatures onto your awning. The furniture, furnishings and all the surroundings underneath it need to be decorated as well. We recommend you tape spooky words to them, such as BOO, MEW, OOOO. If you have black pillows, make sure the letters are white. If the pillows are white, cut out the letters in black for a better contrast. As well these letters can easily be placed on lamps, steps, columns.

5. Decoration Kits

If you’re not much of an art person, stores now sell decoration kits for under $30. These kits have all the pieces and decorations you need, all you have to do is assemble them. Whether it is a scene that will make your home into an asylum or a scene that will turn your home into a zombie house, the ideas are endless. They can easily be added to your door or rollshutters.

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters has over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with rollshutters, awnings, retractable screens, and the best customer service possible. If you believe that you are in need of any of our home solutions, call us at 613-832-2345 to book a free consultation.

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House Rollshutter

Rollshutters will keep you and your family comfortable all year round. They will also reduce your heating and cooling bills. There are several benefits to using roll shutters. They make your home or shop more secure. They also protect your property from unfavorable weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.

Rollshutters offer huge energy savings. Better still they can enhance the appearance of your home or commercial property. You can use rollshutters to provide protection for your patio, large windows or porches. You can stop the shutters in any position. If you keep them closed, you will get protection from heat and light. If you want sunlight to enter, keep them rolled up.

Homes and businesses secured with rolling shutters have reduced insurance premiums. They also provide more privacy and offer protection from noise pollution.

Rollshutters can be used as entry doors. They can also be used to secure windows, porches, pool houses and warehouses. Different kinds of rollshutters are available. The right choice depends upon your requirements.

Energy Efficiency

An advantage of using rolling shutters is that they make your home or office more energy efficient. Talius rollshutters, for example, are known to increase the R-value of your windows. When you keep them closed at night, you can reduce the heat loss through the windows by up to 20%. This can reduce your winter heating bills by 4%. During summer, rollshutters can help you lower your cooling costs.

Additional Facts

Rollshutters offer several additional benefits as well. They will prevent outside noise from entering your private space. This is wonderful for people working in shifts or recovering from an illness during the day. Furthermore, they can block sunlight completely. This will help you create the right environment for sleeping.

How does a Rollshutter work?

A box installed above the door or window houses the shutter. On each side of the window frame, tracks are mounted to let the shutter slide up and down. The shutters are usually installed on the outside of the door or window. You can open them from inside using an electric or manual operating system. They are easy to operate.

Rollshutters are available in several neutral colors including: grey, white, beige or brown. Specialty colors are also available. While rolling shutters made of steel are still very common in many storefront windows, more stylish varieties are also available. Modern rollshutters can complement the décor of any home or commercial property. A rollshutter can provide a solid barrier against heat and light.

Safety is important for both homeowners and businesses. Roll the shutters down when you are away at work or on a holiday. Most break-ins occur in the afternoon when people are away at work. Roll shutters are visible barriers that will keep most burglars at bay. If you are going to be away for extended periods, keep the shutter down and locked.

By simply keeping your shutters closed on a winter night, you can create a strong heat envelope. This will make your heating system more efficient.

Safety tips

Don’t keep shutters closed when you have built an open fire. Furthermore, you should also have easy exits planned when you keep the shutters down and are inside the building.

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If you have ever sat under a tree on a summer day, you should know the cooling effects of shade. The same shade can reduce your summer cooling bills if applied to your home. By simply installing awnings over your west and south facing windows, you can significantly reduce the heat levels inside your home.

South and West Window Awnings

Awnings Provide the Perfect Shade

Shading your house with interior and exterior shades can lower the temperature inside your home by as much as twenty degrees on a hot day. A great deal of the undesirable heat inside your home comes in through the windows. Homes that have several windows in the south and west will get a great deal of direct sunlight. If there are no shading devices over these windows, the heat levels inside the home can get unbearable. Exterior shades are more effective than interior shades in reducing the temperature inside your home.

Awnings are effective shading devices because of their ability to block direct sunlight even before it reaches your home. Awnings are usually made of metal or fabric. They are installed over the windows and extend outward.

Windows in the south and west receive a lot of sunlight compared to windows in the north. If the awning is properly, studies have shown that awnings can lower heat gain by about 65 percent on windows facing south and about 77 percent on east and west-facing windows.

Light-coloured awnings are better. They not only block sunlight, but also reflect it. Awnings need ventilation to prevent hot air from getting trapped around the windows. You have to maintain some gap between the side of the home and the top of the awning to vent any heat accumulated under the awning.

Retractable Awnings

If you live in an area that experience cold winters, you should consider installing retractable awnings. They will provide shade during the hot summer months. And when the weather is cold, you can retract them to let sunlight enter your home.

Awnings serve decorative purposes as well. By mounting them at an angle of about 45 degrees, you can make them visually attractive. If the awning projects into the path of foot traffic, it should be at least 7 feet from the ground.

The location of the window determines the amount of drop you will need. If the window is on the west or east side of your home, the awning should cover about 65 – 75 percent of the window to block the sunlight effectively. To generate the same amount of shade, an awning on the south side should cover only about 50 percent of the window. Otherwise, in either case, the awnings can block view from the window. Slatted awnings permit limited viewing. This will allow you to overcome this issue to a great extent.

You can use awnings to shade just one window. Alternatively, you can use custom-made awnings to shade an entire side of a house.

In addition to metal and canvas awnings, awnings are made from synthetic materials like polyvinyl laminates and acrylic are also available. They are water repellent; they also resist fading and mildew. Whatever be the fabric, the awning should be tightly woven and opaque.

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Winterizing your windows is essential to keep your home warm during the cold winter months. In addition, by properly winterizing your windows, you will be able to cut down on your heating bills.

You may love it or loathe it, but winter is not something you can wish away. If you don’t want your utility bills to go through the roof during the winter season, you have to winterize your windows thoroughly.

Your windows keep your home ventilated and healthy. They let in light and cool breezes. But during winter, the same windows can jeopardize your heating plans.

If there are leaks in your windows, your heating system will have to work overtime to keep the space warm. Unfortunately, this will increase your heating bills. Here are a few tips to winterize your windows.

The first step is to find out whether there are any leaks in the window frames. Close your doors and windows and walk around your home with a lighted candle. Hold the candle near the window frames. If it goes out, there is a leak. You can’t ignore it. Small cracks in the window frames can be filled with caulk. If the cracks are bigger, you can use wood filler.

Remove your summer screens and replace them with their glass panes. You should also consider installing storm windows outside. If you have square windows, this will be easier.

Use bubble wrap

You wouldn’t perhaps believe this, but bubble wrap can be used to insulate your windows. It is a simple procedure. You have to mist the window panes with water. You can use a spray bottle for this purpose and then press a large piece of bubble wrap against the window. The bubble side should be down. The water will keep the bubble wrap in its place for several months. The beauty of this method is that you can remove the bubble wrap whenever you want. Also it won’t stain the window. Better still, using this technique you can insulate one window in less than one minute.

Don’t forget the drafty frames. If your home is older, your window frames are unlikely to be in good shape. Replacing your windows is the best solution, but this can be expensive. If money is tight, you should look for more cost effective solutions. Fill all the leaks with caulk or wood filler.

Buy heavy curtains

They can insulate against a drafty frame. Also there are curtains that are designed to absorb heat and keep the room warmer. However, they can be expensive. A cheaper solution is to buy dark coloured curtains. As we all know, dark colours absorb more heat.

Buy window insulator kits

Some people swear by window insulator kits. These are basically plastic coverings. You should be able to find one at a good home improvement store. The biggest problem with window insulator kits is that they can look very unattractive. Also they block sunlight.

Your basement windows, too, should be insulated. Install window wells to protect them. Window wells are not very expensive. Some hard plastic varieties cost less than $20.


Cottage rollshutters over windows

Install rollshutters

Rollshutters are another alternative. When closed at night, rollshutters have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 20%.

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Backyard aluminum awning

Awnings provide shade, protection and comfort. Aluminum awnings are hugely popular because they have several advantages over fabric awnings. They can be installed over your decks and porches and they will offer a dry and cool place where you can sit and relax. When installed over your windows, they will keep rain from entering your home or commercial space. Install them over your wooden doors and they will protect the wood from precipitation.

The best thing about aluminum awnings is that they will protect anything underneath them. Aluminum awnings can be mounted on every exterior surface. They are affordable and can last decades. Better still, installing them is easy. It doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to install an aluminum awning.

Aluminum Awning Basics

Aluminum awnings are of two types – fixed and retractable. As the name itself indicates, fixed aluminum awnings are usually fixed in one place. Retractable models can be rolled back.

Advantages of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are the toughest awnings available. Unlike awnings made of fabric, they can withstand the weight of hail, snow, or sleet. Fixed aluminum awnings can even withstand heavy storms. In addition, aluminum awnings tend to be cooler underneath because they block more sunlight than fabric awnings. They may last even 50 years. Fabric awnings, on the other hand, merely provide protection from sunlight. You will have to fold them up when you expect precipitation.

Aluminum awnings are a cost effective way to provide protection and shade for any area around your property. Aluminum awnings can reduce your cooling costs. As they block extra heat, the temperature inside your home will be relatively lower. This will reduce your cooling costs during the hot summer months.

You can also use aluminum awnings for your carports. They provide protection to your car and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on building a garage.

Fixed Aluminum Awnings vs. Retractable Aluminum Awnings

Fixed aluminum awnings don’t require much maintenance. Once they are in place, you can usually keep them there for decades. You only have to rinse them once or twice a year. Also when you install fixed aluminum awnings, you don’t have to worry about the material warping, stretching or bowing. A fixed aluminum awning will do its job for decades without worry.

Retractable aluminum awnings are more versatile. However, they cost more than fixed aluminum awnings. While you can forget about your fixed awnings after you install them you have to roll back retractable awnings whenever the forecast predicts heavy storms. They can’t withstand heavy winds. In addition, retractable awnings take more time to open or close than fabric awnings. Aluminum awnings with an automatic retracting system are even more expensive.

Fixed aluminum awnings are stationary, but sunlight isn’t. During the cold winter months, when you can’t get enough sunlight, you will probably want to retract them. If you have a retractable awning, this is easy. You can roll it out again when you need protection from sun or rain. On the flip side, retractable aluminum awnings are not available in a large number of colours or styles.

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Awnings protect your home and commercial space from weather elements. They also need protection from dust and debris. Since awnings are exposed to weather elements, they can get dirty easily. Proper cleaning is essential to ensure that your awnings look new and last longer. Dust, pollution, pollen and leaves can all dirty up your awnings. Bird droppings are another huge problem. They can cause discoloration on almost all kinds of materials. You should rinse them off as soon as you spot them.

Both metal and fabric awnings need to be washed. By cleaning them once or twice a year, you can keep them looking their best. Frequent cleaning is also necessary to protect their finish.

Here are some awning cleaning tips:

Rinse regularly

Both metal and fabric awnings should be rinsed at least once a year to remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated on them. You can use a regular garden hose for this job. You will most probably have to climb a ladder to reach the topmost area of the awning. If there are trees near the window or the porch on which the awning is installed you will have to rinse it more frequently. Frequent rinsing will prevent dirt from baking onto it.

Wash it with a soap solution

If the awning looks dirty even after you have rinsed it, you will have to wash it with a soap solution and a brush. If the awning is made from fabric, you should use a mild detergent solution to clean it. Brush the awning with a soft-bristled brush. Don’t use a stiff-bristled brush as it will damage the waterproof coating of the awning. And if the fabric is old, a stiff brush can damage the fabric itself.
A wand-style brush used to wash your car is also suitable for washing a metal awning. Use a mild detergent or soap to wash metal awnings.

Dealing with Debris

Over time, debris can get deposited on the awnings. You should remove twigs and other large debris whenever you spot them. If there are trees within a few feet of the awnings, you will probably have to cut the branches. This is essential to keep your awnings cleaner.

Pollen can also get deposited on the awnings. You should brush it off whenever you see it.

Difficult Dirt

If mild soap or detergent cannot remove residue or gummy buildup, you will have to resort to spot treatments. In the case of fabric awnings, you should soak the dirty area with a fabric cleaner for ten or fifteen minutes. Brush gently and then rinse. Use vinegar or a household cooktop cleaner to remove the sooty buildup on your aluminum awnings.

If you have fabric awnings, you should avoid grilling near the area. The awning may catch fire. Even if it doesn’t catch fire, the heat and fire can damage the awning with grease and soot.

While you can use a pressure washer to rinse your awnings, it is not the most recommended method. If pressure washing is not done carefully, it can scar the fabric.

Vinyl awnings have to be scrubbed. Make sure that you are using the right cleaner. Otherwise no amount of scrubbing will help.


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Aluminum Window AwningAwnings serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. They provide protection from weather elements and make your commercial or residential space more usable. When it comes to awnings, you can choose from several materials, styles and shapes.

Aluminum awnings are hugely popular because they are affordable and versatile. This article will help homeowners decide the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum awnings.

The Costs

Aluminum awnings can cost between $400 and $900 for 100 square feet of materials.

Advantages of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are hugely popular because they have several advantages. They are durable, lightweight and affordable. Also they can be installed easily. Aluminum awnings can last 25 years or more if they are carefully maintained. Better still, they are sturdy enough to withstand strong storms. Thanks to their lightweight nature, it is easy to remove or retract them as needed. In spite of possessing so many advantages, aluminum awnings are still very affordable.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Awnings

It is true that aluminum awnings have a large number of plus points. They also have some minor drawbacks. For example, retractable aluminum awnings are not suitable for all weather conditions. And compared to other materials, they are available in only a limited number of colours. If you install retractable aluminum awnings, you will have to retract them completely during strong winds. Otherwise, they risk getting damaged severely. While this can be a bit of a hassle, most homeowners simply don’t care. They are ready to accept this infrequent responsibility and enjoy the many benefits of retractable aluminum awnings. Aluminum can get very hot. This is another disadvantage. If you live in coastal locations, aluminum awnings are not a great choice because exposure to salt can cause them to corrode.

Stationary Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are available in retractable and stationary versions. Stationary awnings are the more popular of these two varieties. They are inexpensive and don’t suffer any damage in strong winds but they can limit your view. Also they can’t let in sunlight during the cold winter months.

Pros and Cons of Retractable Aluminum Awnings

Although retractable aluminum awnings are more expensive, they are better than stationary awnings in many respects. Their greatest advantage is the flexibility. You can roll them out to get protection from direct sunlight and rains. And during those cold winter months when you would like more sunlight to enter your home, you can retract them. They also offer greater views. The biggest drawback of retractable awnings is that strong winds can blow them away. So you will have to retract them when there is storm forecast. Electric retractable aluminum awnings are convenient, but might not suit everyone’s budget.

Where to install Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings can be used in several places of your home. They are commonly installed over south-facing windows as they get the most sunlight. You should also consider installing them over street-facing windows to get privacy year-round. Awnings can also be installed over your patios or gardens. The overhead cover that they provide will make these spaces more usable. At Jans Awnings we have several years of experience in installing aluminum awnings. Our awnings are made to last several decades. Contact us today to get an installation quote.

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outside window

If you are planning to replace your home’s windows, here are a few things you should consider.

When should I replace my windows?

If you feel that your windows don’t enhance the look of your home or protect it from the weather elements, you will probably want to invest in new windows. New windows will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home but also increase your comfort levels and reduce your expenses. Replacing your existing windows with brand new ones is an expensive solution. In addition to the price of the windows, you will have to factor in the cost of installation.

Repair or replace my windows?

If the original framing is intact, you will be able to install a replacement window into the opening. You will also have to replace the trim, sashes and side jambs. If the framing is rotted, you will need a construction window. It can cost 50 percent to 100 percent more than a replacement window.

Calculate your ROI

You will be able to recover much of your investment when you sell the home. While ordering replacement windows make sure that they match the style of your house. So, for example, if you have a luxury home, you should consider investing in high end replacement windows. Mid-range windows are suitable for an average home. High-end windows in a low-range home are unlikely to recoup their value when you sell the home. High performance windows will reduce your energy bills. However, before installing the windows, you will have to insulate the house and seal all cracks.

Choosing the right window

Many different types of windows are available on the market. Here is a quick overview:


Double-hung windows

You can open these windows from the top and the bottom.

Casement windows

Casement windows are attached to their frames by hinges. They are quite easy to operate. You should consider installing them in hard-to-reach places.

Double-pane windows

These windows are made of 2 pieces of glass which may have an inert gas like krypton or argon between them. They are very energy efficient.

Tilt-out windows

These windows allow you to clean the exterior from the inside. Ordering windows off the shelf is less expensive than buying custom sizes with several upgrades. Upgrades will easily increase the cost of your windows, but they are worth the investment. Triple-paned glass windows, for example, are highly energy efficient. They will prevent your home from getting overheated during the hot summer months. This will reduce your cooling costs. Before ordering replacement windows, you should visit the showroom. This will give you an opportunity to see available models.

Selecting a dealer

You should order replacement windows from a well-established dealer with a storeroom and a useful website. If you decide to buy custom windows, you will probably have to wait weeks or even months. So, you will need to take that into account. Jans Awnings sells quality vinyl windows manufactured by North Star. North Star windows are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. They also look quite attractive. Contact us to know more.

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A sunroom allows you to enjoy your surroundings while being protected from the sun, rain or wind. Sunroom additions have become quite popular in recent times. More than 500,000 homes in North America have sunrooms added to them. A sunroom addition will make your home more beautiful.

Installing a sunroom is easier and more cost effective than building an extra room to your property. Also sunrooms provide an extra space that you can enjoy all year round.

Sunroom designs

Sunrooms have a come long way. Modern sunrooms are more attractive and energy efficient than old designs. They are low maintenance and their design tends to blend well with nearly all kinds of architecture. Before designing a sunroom, you should know how you intend to use the space. You have got three options for sunroom designs.

An open porch will be enjoyable during the early fall and late spring. However, the winter cold and summer heat will make it virtually useless during those months where the weather is extreme.

A three-season sunroom is built of insulated glass but it doesn’t have a cooling or heating system. Thanks to its insulated design, it will be usable during cold and hot seasons. But if the summer is too hot or the winter is too cold, the area may become unusable.

Four season sunrooms are well-insulated structures that have their own cooling and heating systems. They incorporate thermally insulated glass in their framing. Thermally insulated glass prevents condensation and makes the space more energy efficient. A four-season sunroom will increase the value of your property when it is time to sell.

Types Of sunrooms

There are mainly three types of sunrooms.

Cathedral sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms have a front-peaked wall that lets light in and increase your view of the outdoors. If you install a glass-paned roof, your view will get even better. A cathedral sunroom provides year-round comfort.

Cathedral Sunroom Advantages

The peaked roof of a cathedral sunroom will complement the architecture of most homes. They look more spacious. Also the slopped roof will prevent snow buildup.


A conservatory sunroom requires less maintenance. It has energy efficient features and a classical design. A conservatory sunroom has a domed roof design which adds a touch of elegance to your entire home. These sunrooms can serve as intimate retreats. They can even enclose a pool.

Conservatory Sunroom Advantages

A conservatory sunroom can add a Georgian or Victorian appeal to your home. It has a long, arched design that provides a 360 degree view of the outside. Also a conservatory sunroom made entirely of glass looks beautiful and lets in the most sunlight.

Straight/curved eave sunrooms

These sunrooms use glass or an opaque material to build a straight angled roof. They have a modern look; they are also highly energy efficient. They are available in both traditional and modern designs. The best part is that they look like a natural part of the house.

At Jans Awnings we have several years of experience in building and installing sunrooms that will add beauty and value to your home. Our sunrooms are custom designed and can withstand storms. They have a well-insulated wall system. They are built of high performance glass and thermal efficiency.

Jans Awnings offers customized sunrooms that suit your specific needs and budget. Call our Woodlawn office today at 613-832-2345 to get a sunroom installation quote.


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Awnings provide protection from sun and bad weather. They serve both decorative and functional purposes. Awnings have been in use since the 19th century. Over the years they have developed themselves into ornamental structures that make the exterior of your property visually attractive.

Why you should install awnings

Awnings snazz up the exterior of your property and make it stand out from similar properties in the vicinity. By simply installing awnings over your windows, you will be able to keep them open even when it is raining. They also provide cover for restaurant patios.

Commercial awnings enhance the usability of your space. That is why every small business needs to invest in commercial awnings.

Commercial awnings providing protection from the elements on street corner

What to consider while choosing awnings?

Awnings are a long-term investment and that explains why you should choose them with special care. After all, you won’t change them every year. Here are a few things you should consider while buying commercial awnings.

Know what you want

The right commercial awnings are great working-partners for life. Before choosing awnings of a particular kind, you should know exactly what sort of protection you need. Are you running a computer repair shop, a bakery, a boutique or a gym? Your need for protection from inclement weather may change depending upon the nature of your business.

Choosing awnings doesn’t have to be difficult. All that you need to do is to apply some common sense and ask the right questions. Here are some tips.

Choose a company that is enthusiastic about serving you

That’s very important. Buy awnings from a company that is interested in serving you. Maybe you are buying a single window awning or a series of awnings that cover an entire façade. Regardless of the size of your order, they should be willing to provide personalized service and expert recommendations.

Beauty isn’t skin deep

The awnings should make your place look more attractive. However, just by looking at it, you can’t decide how great the awning is underneath. The structural design, framing materials and installation techniques determine the longevity.

Consider your budget

Choose something that you can afford. The company should be able to offer creative suggestions and useful tips within your price range. Even if your budget is small, you should still ensure that you are buying awnings of the highest quality you can get. Quality awnings have lower total cost of ownership.

Go local

Choose a local company that has a great reputation in making and installing commercial awnings. They should be able to explain all available options and help you choose the right awnings for the location and type of your business.

At Jans Awnings, we take pride in providing excellent support and guidance to our customers. We help them choose the right awnings for their business by studying their unique requirements.

Jans Awnings have 15 years of experience in providing awnings. We also have a showroom to show you some samples. This will let you see what you are getting before you choose one. We will visit your specific location to determine which environmental factors come into play. This allows us to recommend the right awnings for your business.

Better still, we can handle the entire project including the creative design, production and installation. This allows us to complete your project faster.

Call us today to see how we can make your commercial space more usable.